Thursday, February 4, 2016

Health is Wealth

That title . . . ain't it the truth.  I think it becomes even more meaningful as we age and have children.  
Title credits go to my friend Shelly, who is ever so wise and fabulous.  We were chatting at poker one night about eye exams, and I mentioned that it had been about eight years since I'd had one.  Boy, did she give me a serious side eye (pun intended).  
She wasn't playing either so, of course, I promptly made myself an eye appointment.  Don't you love friends like that?  They scare you into doing good things.  Ha, I kid about the scary part, but it did spur me into action and for that I am grateful. Muah Shelly!

Since we opted out of vision insurance because we obviously don't use it, I went to the Costco eye doctor.  Loved him.  Super nice guy and had nothing but positive things to say about my eyes, so naturally I was a fan.  

I truly did feel like a million bucks walking out of there knowing that at least my eyes are healthy!  I had LASIK back around 2007 and haven't regretted it once.  He complimented my LASIK doctor and said I had 20/15 vision and still don't need reading glasses.  Sunglasses are a must though because he dilated my eyes, and I couldn't see anything!  
My, what big eyes you have . . . I mean pupils.  
In other health news, I'm knocking on wood because I went to my lady bits doctor 2 weeks ago and haven't heard from them.  I think the instructions are they will call if there's a problem so I hope I'm in the clear!  TMI?  Probably.  But ladies, don't fool around with your health and not go see the GYN every year . . . cervical cancer is a scary thing and so easily detected.

Speaking of fooling around with you health . . . that's what it feels like I've been doing lately.  It's all fun and games until somebody gets fat (points thumbs back at self).  
I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's kinda sorta mostly true.  And definitely how I'm feeling.  I don't want to see myself in pictures.  I don't want to dance.  I'm wearing way too many yoga pants and non-clingy tops.  I feel like I'm getting winded easily.  Who am I?

How did it even happen?  Well, I joined a boot camp a little over a year ago, and it was awesome.  I loved it.  I've never sweated or been as muscle sore as I was after working out there.  But it was stupid expensive on a monthly basis.  So I felt like I needed to go often to "get my money's worth" which meant I wasn't doing anything else.  I didn't walk with friends, walk the dog, try any other fitness classes.  Just worked out hard and often.  TWSS.
Eventually my 40 something body started to say "hell nah."  I was hurting all the time.  I tried to take supplements to ease the pain.  Didn't work.  I soaked in Epsom salts every time I worked out.  Didn't work.  I started seeing a chiropractor.  Didn't work.  I started getting regular massages.  Also didn't work.  My old knee injury flared up.  My hip was killing me.  My neck was killing me.  Well, you get the picture.  Ouch.  And wahhhh.
So I realized one day that I was spending a fortune to work out to then spend a fortune to try to stop hurting from said working out so . . . I quit.  Working out.  I did not, however, quit eating.  I do believe therein lies the problem.  

I didn't cave to the January frenzy of diets and gym memberships because I was certain I was going to take matters into my own hands and embrace the healthy way.  Or not.  Apparently.  
It seems I need more structure in my life.  I haven't figured out the physical fitness part yet.  I'm considering a few ideas and will make some changes.  But I have started following a IIFYM food plan, or "If It Fits Your Macros."  It seems too good to be true so we will see.  I have a target to hit each day for protein, fats and carbs.  Eat whatever you want as long as you hit your targets.  So far, awesome.  Let's see if actually works for dropping a few pounds because I feel like I'm eating a ton.  

Side note:  So this post was supposed to be a Wednesday confessional, but I got a bit sidetracked yesterday.  Remember that trip to the urgent care with my daughter I mentioned in my last post?  Well, I got a call from the school nurse yesterday about my Kyle.  Apparently PE was rougher than expected, and she was concerned he broke his arm.  Yeah, good times.
So off I go to the urgent care with a different child in less than a week.  He was really hurting so I was scared.  They X-ray'd his arm and thankfully all is well.  They wrapped it in an ace bandage and gave him a sling to keep it still.  He should be fine in a few days.  Phew, dodged another bullet.

So one of my favorite bloggers, Kristenis hosting a "What's New With You" link up.  May as well discuss the elephant in the room . . . see above for details.  Ha.  I jest, it's not that bad.  Yet.  Better keep counting the macros.  
What's New With You


  1. yayyy thanks for linking up with us girl! you are the sweetest :)

    oh my gosh, another urgent care visit?! scary. and i feel you on the fun and games till someone gets fat.. i know i'm not fat but i've gained a lot of weight since i moved here (okay, in 4 years but still) and i just keep eating crap (literally eating potato chips right now HELP ME). my exercise is going great, i'm doing a variety of things consistently.. i just need to get my eating under control. i've tried the macros thing for like a day but i don't like tracking my food that seriously because then i try and see how little i can eat so it is a dangerous game i don't like to play. but i need to do something.

    i never mess around with the lady doctor. i am pretty sure they only call if something is wrong, but they should also send you something in the mail that it's all good and whatnot. i haven't been to the eye doctor in years either, i always had perfect eyesight but i am noticing lately that i can't read things far away like i used to, and sometimes shit is blurry. so.. that's scary lol. every single woman in my family - except me - wears glasses. so it's probably about time!

  2. I feel you on all of this! I have never tried the macros thing but it seems to be all the rage! I personally like just cutting things out so I don't have to think or count. That's why I like the Paleo approach so much, it's pretty black and white which works for my small brain:)

  3. I do the 'bits check' every year during my birthday month - my little 'gift' to myself (good health) plus I never forget which month last year I had my check. I get off the hook this year b/c of just having Tenley and getting all checked out in November. Glad you got checked -- had a mammogram yet?? Doc told me when I hit 40 is my first one -- that's 5 short years away. I'm already dreading getting these big ol' ta ta's smashed and squeezed, going to hurt, but I'll suffer through just to know I'm a-ok.

    I know my time is coming for the ER w one of my boys. I always though it'd be Brennan (#2) b/c he was always falling and busting open his lip but now I'm thinking it'd going to be Tate (#3) - he's quite the little bruiser!! Glad Kyle is ok.

    Hmm, I keep seeing everyone and their dog is doing this IIFYM thing. I'm betting all the garbage I'm throwing in my mouth isn't included in that. I know nothing about it, should get on the old 'net and check it out. Excited to hear if you have good results or not. I see Whole 30 all over the blogisphere, too, and have heard good results from that as well. Time for me to get serious about this, times a wasting.

  4. i've been eating clean since 2012, a total health nut and straight up, i hate tracking my food and never do. i know what foods work for me so i stick to that. it may be a little boring but i've found the perfect balance of what i need to eat in order to sustain me and power me through my punishing workouts. with food and health, it's all about balance!

  5. I've never been one to track my meals, but this year I did my first Whole30 and feel amazing! Hoping to keep those healthy habits up as long as I can. Thanks for the reminder to visit the lady doctor..yeah I should get on that. Thanks for joining our linkup!

  6. This title couldn't be more true and this is the year I am taking my health into my own hands. My husband and I have been moving around the country over the last five years. Living in a state for 12 months or so makes it difficult to schedule doctor appointments. Trying to find someone in your network is hard enough, let alone doing the research to make sure they have a good reputation. I'm biting the bullet and trying all new doctors this year (since we are AGAIN in a new state). I've already schedule my woman's annual exam for next month. Now dentist and eye exam need to get in the books!

  7. Oh my gosh your poor kids - I'm sorry they are both going through that!! I totally agree with that first quote - your health is truly your wealth!! We have to make sure we are always taking care of ourselves or else we wont get to enjoy life! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. You are pretier Amy without reading glasses.. I read some of your posts and please, continue in inspiring us from Orange County Lasik

  9. You should try yoga, seriously! I've only done it a few times and it's not my forte,but I know that if I could t do any other sort of working out, that'd be my go-to!

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