Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Sweet Kyle

Hey there everyone!  I missed you last week.  Hope you are well.  Nothing super exciting to report from the weekend except . . . my middle son had his 13th birthday party.  Woot.  

Yes, I now have two teenage boys . . . the testosterone is overwhelming at this point.  

So I thought I would write about my Kyle so I can remember what a sweet boy he was when I want to crush him like a grape in high school.   

This guy.  Isn't he so cute?  
And does he remind you of anyone else?
It's those cheekbones.  Gah.  Cuties.  

I've decided to just put random Kyle photos throughout this post.  I could sit here ALL DAY and look at old pictures . . . however, it would send me down memory lane and most definitely make me cry.  So I'm just picking ones that I could easily find on my computer and won't stress out about finding the perfect ones.    
Okay . . . so about that Kyle.  He's sweet as sugar.  Except when he's not.  But mostly he is sweet.  

He has always kept us on our toes.  From the moment he came out, he's been a handful . . . but with the biggest smile.  He's my most impulsive child so I've always felt like I've had to keep a closer eye on this one.  Mostly just to make sure he was safe because there really isn't a mean bone in this child's body.  He for sure has a mischievous streak, but it's always layered with kindness.
Kyle is the child that will hug me when I'm sad and tell me it will be okay.  He will also get upset if he sees me crying . . . it's so sweet how empathetic he can be.  I can always see the concern for others when I tell him various news stories or sad tales of folks we know.  
Kyle loves an adventure!  He loves to laugh.  He loves to be a trickster.  He loves animals.  He loves to read.  He loves to play on his phone.  He loves to be outside.  He's just generally a happy boy.
He is super smart, but chooses to fly under the radar academically.  What I mean is that he will do the bare minimum to get by without me yelling too much.  His handwriting is atrocious so I was hoping he would be a doctor one day . . . but he says Engineer or Architect.  He has a creative mind and thinks outside the box when it comes to creating or designing so either of those careers would be great for him.  
Kyle is a good friend.  I know this because he still has the same group of friends from 2nd grade even though they haven't always had classes together.  He's now in the 7th grade, and they all still hang out!  I think it's partly because he's pretty easy going and is not a spotlight stealer.  He also gives some pretty awesome advice to his friends . . . I've read it for myself in his texts.  
He's a pretty good brother and an awesome middle child.  While he and Amanda don't always get along, I know he would do anything for her.  
And he and Ryan are so close . . . they are only 15-1/2 months apart and have just always done everything together.  
Speaking of always together, for years Kyle has had his twin lambs that he slept with, traveled with and generally carted around every where he went.  I will forever keep these little lambies to remember my Kyle.  
Kyle's favorite color is yellow, bright yellow, but he also loves some bright blue!  Most of his wardrobe is neon yellow and blue.  He'd love to wear "sweat" shorts every day, but I require regular shorts be rotated in the mix.  He prefers plaid shorts and almost never wears pants.  Like ever.  He refuses to wear jeans because . . . well, I don't know why.  He says they are uncomfortable.  I say he's crazy.  
Kyle is a serious carnivore.  He loves to eat meat.  And kind of a "fruititarian."  He will also eat some raw veggies, but if you cook a vegetable and it has the slightest "smush" about it, no way.  He will gag.  Same with textures like mash potatoes and ricotta cheese and beans.  Those are fun times at the dinner table, said no mom ever.  
He is a very athletic kid.  He's an excellent runner and has even won some 5k's for his age group.  He does track in the spring and cross country in the fall!
And speaking of athletic, he will be testing for his SECOND DEGREE (shouty, excited capitals) black belt in March.  So at 13, he will be a 2nd degree black belt in Choi Kwang Do.  That amounts to five and a half years of training, year round.  
He's also a Life Scout, the rank just before Eagle Scout.  He needs to figure out his Eagle project and finish one merit badge.  I'll be glad when this is over but am thankful for all his scouting experiences.  
So I tried to ask Kyle some "interview" questions . . . and while I've praised him for being easy going, he was not last night.  Hashtag tired teenager.  But here is what I got anyway . . .

Favorite Subject:  Science because he loves his teacher.

Favorite Food:  Fried chicken (translate that to Chick-Fil-A chicken)

Favorite Restaurant:  Chick-Fil-A (see what I mean?)

Favorite Treat:  Swedish Fish

Favorite Sport:  Running

Favorite thing to do:  Play video games

One word to describe himself:  Fun

Favorite Color:  Yellow

Favorite Animal:  Lamb

And there you have it folks.  It was fun to write this and think about how Kyle is truly a blessing in our life.  He definitely challenges things, but that's really his job as a kid.  I cannot wait to see the man he turns into . . . I just don't want it to go by too fast.  

Here's a little birthday present and party montage for memory keeping!


  1. Aw, what a cute kid! Love hearing about NICE boys. Some are just punks, ha ha! That's the biggest pizza I've ever seen, holy smokes!!! Love all the pics! Aiden turns DOUBLE DIGITS this summer and I'm holding in the panic attack until then. :)

  2. Kyle sounds awesome! Happy birthday to him. I enjoyed reading about him, and it's nice that you (and he) will have this post to look back on.

  3. Awww.... I loved this especially since I too have a 13 year old boy! Omg the pics of him when he was little make me want to cry. My son was the sweetest toddler and still is just a good heart too. We must be doing a very good job as Moms raising these guys!

  4. How awesome! I know very little about Kyle, so it was nice to learn more about him. His sweet side sounds a lot like Caroline. Maybe it's a middle child thing?

  5. man, now i want Chick-Fil-A for dinner.
    he is so adorable! and was adorable when he was little too. although, 13 is still little haha. happy belated birthday to him!

  6. Happy birthday to your son! Sounds like you've got a good kid on your hands. My 17 yoa son is also very involved in Track and Cross Country. Keeps him focus and determined.

  7. Loved reading this! He sounds like such a boy. You are the best mom for documenting this year like this for him!

  8. aww! he sounds like a great kid. man, it really flies by, doesn't it?? btw i've never had swedish fish!! i've seen them, but never tried. #randomfact