Friday, February 12, 2016

Drop kicks to the gut . . . times 3

These kids.  They are always ripping your heart out.  All three of my babies gave my heart a pause this week.  Nothing serious, and not on purpose . . . for that I am ever grateful.  But still.  

So my Kyle turns 13 this month.  I took him for his annual check up as a happy, healthy boy.  Look at how cute he is.  We go to the "teen center" now and he has to fill out his own paperwork.  That's what I'm talking about, btw.  I'm not your secretary.  
He was funny with the questions . . . no, he hasn't started his period yet.  No, he hasn't tried drugs and alcohol.  Note - probably because he knows if that doesn't kill him, his dad and I would.  Any who, this is my Kyle the past two days.  Feeling like crap on the couch . . . obviously not at school.  
I was worried this would happen, but hopeful it wouldn't.  Before I tell you, this is not an opening for you to give me your opinion about what I should do with MY child.  You do you, boo.  Remember?

He got round one of the HPV vaccine around 2:45 p.m. on Wednesday.  By 6 p.m. that night, he had a 99 fever and a headache.  By 2 a.m., he had a 101.3 and couldn't sleep.  This happened to my oldest as well.  It scared me way more with him because he was the first one, and I had no idea that could happen.  Round 2 and 3 of the vaccine weren't a problem, it was just round one.  

I second guessed myself after Ryan's reaction, but I had done my research and pushed forward.  It's recommended at age 11 . . . I wait until 13.  You need to obviously do it before they are sexually active for it to be effective.  I read all the information online, talked extensively with his doctor, talked with my own gynecologist and based on a personal experience, decided to vaccinate.  

Eventually this vaccine could eradicate cervical cancer.  That, my friends, hits way too close to home.  Just before Getzy and I moved to Georgia in 1999, I went to see all my established doctors in the D.C. area.  Such a responsible girl, right?!?  

Within days of arriving to a new state, I got news that I had an abnormal Pap smear.  Say what?  I was 25, almost 26, and had no idea what that could mean. So I scramble to find a new doctor and have the test redone.  Again, abnormal.  I then had to have a cervical biopsy . . . that's always a good time.  That confirmed that I need to have a LEEP procedure to remove the precancerous cells from my cervix.  Luckily, that was effective, but instead of an annual Pap smear, I got them every three months for a year.  Then every six months and finally back to annually.  Thankfully I've never had a re-occurrence, but it's always a fear.    

Cervical cancer is caused by the active HPV virus.  Suffice it to say, I didn't pick it up from a grocery cart.  I most definitely was not a promiscuous person, but as they say, it only takes just once.  So you see, it's important for me to vaccinate my kids, including my boys so they won't one day be a carrier and subsequent spreader of HPV.  My gynecologist likes to remind me how lucky I am.  In her words, I was "this close," with her thumb and forefinger practically touching, to cancer.  At 25.

Update on Kyle . . . his fever has broken and he's currently on the couch sleeping.  I took him back to the doctor this morning after a rough night and made sure they noted my concerns about the vaccine side effects.  All is well.  And yes, he will receive rounds 2 and 3.  

Now what about Amanda?  At Kyle's check-up, I had to complete an allergy questionnaire.  It was super easy for Kyle . . . he is my healthiest kid.  He never sniffles or sneezes or wheezes.  I'm pretty sure he's not allergic to anything.  However, the whole time I was completing the paperwork, I'm answering yes in my head to all of it for Amanda.  

My sweet little girl takes a Claritin most days, when we remember.  Regardless, she is a sneezing, nose blowing, sniffling mess.  It's pretty bad right now, but it feels like it's all year long.  I've often thought I need to have her allergy tested, but I know what a process that becomes.  Ryan was tested and subsequently had five years of shots.  That's a serious commitment that I don't want to do again.  But I felt very convicted this week that I'm setting her up for a lifetime of health concerns if I don't address it now, no matter how afraid of shots she may be.  So, she doesn't know it yet, but she will be allergy tested next week.  We will see if and what she is allergic to and go from there.  
Latest pic of these two . . . too bad Amanda has her eyes half closed.  
Now my Ryan . . . he mentions that he has what I thought was an ulcer just under his upper lip close to the gum line.  He has his routine orthodontic appointment this week so I casually ask the doctor to check it out.  What he was supposed to say was that it was no big deal, and it was just some irritated skin.  However, he dealt me my third and final kick in the gut this week and recommended we take him to a gum surgeon.  
Apparently he has a prominent frenum that could cause his teeth to gap or even pull his gums away from his teeth later in life.  Thus, he needs to see a gum surgeon to determine if we need to have a frenectomy.  First available appointment?  April 6th.  Gah.

Stop the madness and hand me a margarita, stat.  I have seriously been eating my feelings this week.  
Chin up though.  Instead of rolling around in negativity about these 'this too shall pass' moments, I'm choosing to focus on some serious positive stuff that I have witnessed with these three this week instead.  

Ryan just cracks me up lately.  Last night he made me literally laugh out loud at just nonsense.  He knows how to lighten my mood and make me giggle, and that is a priceless gift. 

My kids know I will spot check their texts and social media.  Kyle gave some seriously wise council this week via text to a friend and was also a great listener for some folks that needed to vent.  He didn't insight conflict . . . just suggested that his friend take some time and space from someone.  I also notice that he doesn't usually take the bait if folks are trying to get him to spill secrets and for that I am ever so proud.  

Lastly . . . it's not a secret that Amanda and Kyle can mix about as well as oil and water.  Sometimes those two make me crazy, and I threaten to have them share a room if they can't get along.  Well, knowing Kyle had a miserable night and was sick on the couch this morning, Amanda went over to him before she left for school to hug his shoulders, kiss him on the head and tell him she hoped he felt better.  She didn't know I was near or listening.  I just about melted into a puddle.  
I called Getzy after I dropped her off and told him that although it sometimes feels like we are losing the day to day battle with these kids, we are most definitely winning the war.  My heart is full.  May each and every one of you have a blessed and healthy weekend . . . I've got all the feels today . . . and I don't mind it at all.


  1. siblings will fight like cats and dogs but that's just because they're siblings but they really do love each other! it's those moments (that seem few and far between) when you witness how they really feel about each other are what warms your heart and makes all the refereeing you do worth it.

  2. Sounds like 3 great kids!

    Ok, the HPV vaccine. Until about 2 months ago I had no idea boys could/should get it. It was on a poster at our dr's office. And, until reading this post, I had no idea it was a 3 shot process! Wow! I've heard somewhere that can be major side effects (for girls) so is that true for boys, too? Or was that the same people saying don't vaccinate your kids from any diseases b/c of the what-if's??? I need to do some research obviously. Anywho, wtg on being a good mom and taking care of, not only your kids, but potentially mine (highly doubt Tenley and one of your boys ever hook up BUT!!just in case...)!! :)

  3. awww amanda is so sweet with kyle! love it.

    no lie, i had no idea boys could get the HPV vaccine. it was free at home, but i only got 1 i think because my pap came back abnormal as well? but i don't think it was too serious because i didn't have anything removed, i did have to go back more often and all my paps since have been fine, so that's good.. right? lol.

  4. I went thru a similar scare at age 21. That biopsy is no joke! I'm glad you're drinking through all if this....I'd be the same way! I can't bring myself to gave a marg just yet....not until it's warm!