Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Happenings

We hosted a funeral this weekend.  Sad, but true.  Amanda's fish, Prince, passed away after two and a half years.  That's actually pretty impressive for a beta fish, if I do say so myself.  
I tried to save it.  I really did.  I went on Thursday, as soon as we noticed his yucky eye, and bought "Ick Remedy" and a beta fish tank heater.  I sterilized his whole tank and conditioned his water, to no avail.  Poor old guy just didn't make it.  I called all the kids in the bathroom, we said a few kind words, and flushed him off to heaven.  Amanda's friend Zoe says as he's flushing away, "it looks like he's swimming again!"  I thought that was lovely!

Well, Friday involved me picking up the littlest from school early and having the nurse FREAK ME OUT!  After running the pacer (back and forth sprints), Amanda's knee quit her.  The nurse said it looked like her knee cap was shifted and it was swollen so she had her elevate and ice it until I got there.  Luckily it was better but since Amanda has complained about this knee before, the nurse encouraged me to go get it X-rayed.  
So off to the Children's Urgent Care we went, and they were great!  Luckily they didn't find anything wrong.  I feel better that we had it checked out even though I'm stressed at how much the bill will be because healthcare costs are outrageous these days.  I'll spare you my rant on that subject.  

Friday night was spent having burgers with friends and trying not to catch the grill on fire with the grease.  Since nothing actually burned, it's safe to say how funny the whole thing was.  
Saturday morning Getzy and my oldest baby got up at the crack of dawn to do their first training hike in preparation for the trip to Philmont Scout Reservation in June.  This one was just a 12 mile day hike . . . Philmont is around an 80 mile 12 day hike.  Crazy town.  
My baby was the crew leader for this hike . . . I'm so proud of him and his willingness to lead and try new things.  He's the one with the blue and gray pack.  They were exhausted when they got home but had beautiful weather which made things easier.  And I'm so grateful Ryan gets to do this with his dad . . . what a special experience.  Kyle isn't old enough yet . . . I warned Getzy that he gets to do the whole trip again with him!  

Saturday night we went to a local cajun restaurant to celebrate a friend's birthday!  The company was awesome, and the food is always delicious.  We love this restaurant because the owner is always there walking around making sure everyone is having a great time.  He loves to flirt with the ladies, but that's just part of the charm!  Here he is with the birthday girl!
Sunday morning I decided to do some food prepping.  And by morning, I mean ALL morning.  I'm always shocked at how long it takes to eat healthy.  I even broke out my new spiralizer . . . how come my veggies aren't as cute as the ones I see on social media?
Most of Sunday was spent in the kitchen, shopping for Winter Ball clothes for my boys and overindulging on Mexican food and margaritas with friends.  I did catch a rare picture of the dogs sitting together . . . makes my heart all melty.  I may have staged it . . . you never know. 
Overall, another fine weekend in the books!  Linking up with Bianca to share in the fun!


  1. 2 years for a beta fish - that might be a record! Glad to hear your little girl is ok and nothing major with her knee! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Eating healthy and being prepared is seriously so much more work and time but... the time I spend on the weekend saves me serious time and money during the week! And I am much less likely to reach for the crap! Those kids sure are growing up fast!!

  3. I love the dog photo, of course.

    I can usually get all of my food prep done in under an hour and a half. I hate when it takes longer.

    80 miles and 12 days? Wow. That's quite a hike. Really cool to be be able to say they did it though, but I can see why many training hikes are required to prepare!

  4. Ok, who's the genius that planned a 12 day hike?? Shoot me now! But I bet they have a great time, fun father/son stuff!

    Great job meal prepping! I think how smart that would be then realize I'd be giving up a portion of my weekend and end up saying eff it. Obvs I'm not over here losing any weight! :)

  5. So sorry to hear that Amanda's fish passed away! :(

  6. Your fur pups are adorable. Glad your girl didn't have anything majorly wrong with her. Sorry about the fish. I had a few beta fish in the past but mine never lasted near as long as yours did.

    1. You are sweet! And yes, that fish apparently liked sitting on my desk because he just wouldn't quit!! I do actually miss him. Have a fabulous day!

  7. oh poor fishy. warn a girl before you share a dead animal on your page. lol jk. but seriously, so sad. oh no that sucks about her knee, mine did that a lot growing up as well, it always popped back in but hurt like a mother.

  8. the US healthcare is scary! i can't imagine having to dole out cash for every doctor visit. i live in canada and although we get jacked by high taxes, the money taken out for our healthcare isn't in yo' face if you know what i mean.