Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend out

Some weekends feel more relaxing than others . . . this one treated us pretty well.  We had just the right amount of activity to keep us from being bored . . . that's the way I like it!  Linking up with Bianca to share the love.

The middle school Winter Ball for the 7th and 8th grades was held this weekend!  The theme was Hollywood Nights and I must say, it was fabulous!  
Look at my boys.  I die of love for them.  Those statements tend to annoy the crap out of me because duh, we all love our kids.  But sometimes you just need to say it.  So there.  I love those blue eyed charmers with all that I am.  

We have a lovely spot in our neighborhood community that is always the gathering place for fancy pictures.  Here is the 8th grade representing . . .
And one of these lovely ladies was Ryan's date to the dance, but we will keep some things a mystery!  She also may, or may not, be his girlfriend.  Winky face.  Hint:  she gorgeous, sweet, funny, smart, kind and has long hair.  Oh wait, that's all of them!  
Now up, the 7th grade squad.  These boys . . . they are so much fun!  
There is a huge group of 7th grade friends and lots of them came for pictures.  I just loved seeing all of them dressed up and looking so nice!  One of these cute girls was maybe asked to the dance by Kyle . . . but that doesn't seem to mean much at their age because they mostly just hung with their friends.  
And so it begins with me having to let go.  Kyle rode with friends to the dance.  I drove Ryan and some of his friends but was given strict instructions not to stay.  I had to drop off food so I slinked around for a bit to see what was what.  

I left, as instructed, even though I wanted to stay.  A song that Ryan downloaded earlier that week came on in the car, and it was playing at the dance.  Give it a listen . . . it's kind of appropriately titled.  
I started to tear up thinking about my kids growing up.  I'll always remember that moment in the car as a turning point in my life with those boys. 

It's not easy to let go, at least for me.  Sometimes the tighter you hold on, the more they want to run.  I'm trying to be cool though and strike a balance.  Like letting another mother pick up my oldest from the dance and drop him off at a party.  And then going with Kyle to Steak 'n Shake after with his posse and sitting at the mom table on the other side of the restaurant.  I'll get there.  I really don't have a choice, do I?

We had to divide and conquer on Friday night so Getzy took this little nugget to her Mardi Gras themed dance.  Amanda totally busted out the mask I got her a few years ago in NOLA . . . who knew it would come in so handy!!  
Saturday was slow and steady.  Lots of lazy and a little shopping with a friend.  I always ask the kids to join me but most of the time it's a no.  I tell them they are all dumb . . . when my mom or dad asked me to shop with them as a kid, I jumped at the chance.  Everybody knows you'll get little treats if you come along.  You'd think they would know that by now.  Luckily my friend Michelle agreed to tag along to keep me company.  That's why I like her best.  

The boys went to a birthday party Saturday night and Amanda went to hang out with her sweet little friend which worked out perfectly for Getzy and I to go to a friend's house for game night and dinner.  I brought the game. 
Ever played this?  It's so wildly inappropriate you just have to laugh.  So my friend Deb makes the announcement that I brought the game and will explain.  I not only explained it, I added a disclaimer that it in no way reflects on my life or beliefs.  Yes, it's that bad at times.  

So round one starts.  Everyone (like 18 adults) is eyeballing their cards and it's like a weird sort of uncomfortable silence in the room.  So the Card Czar starts reading the fill in the blank statement and adding in every one's answer.  Some awkward giggles.  A few groans of displeasure.  And some "what even is this game?" comments.  Yeah, I was sweating it because everyone is looking at me like I'm a heathen for even owning the game.

We press on and people realize it's all in good fun.  Turns out, none of us have laughed that hard in a long time.  We managed to go through every answer card in the deck and had to end the game or repeat answers.  There are several versions so my friend says she will get the next set of cards.  It was such a fun evening . . . the food, game and friends.  Thanks Deb for hosting!  

Sunday was spend lazing around and then prepping for the food frenzy that is the Super Bowl.  Getzy was in charge of the chicken wings . . . not too shabby!
Garlic Parmesan - Mystery - Buffalo
Between us and one of other family, we had wings, meatballs, pigs in a blanket, cheese dip, sausage balls and some fruit for good measure.  So ridiculous.  I was rooting for the Broncos because of Peyton Manning possibly retiring, not that I really cared about either team.  Gasp.

Side note for this weekend . . . my oldest got his Eagle project approved by our Troop Council.  Now he just has to get approval from the District, and he can get the project started.  He is building a white board and seven benches to create an outdoor classroom in his school's courtyard.  He has all his other requirements completed so once this project is done, he will be an Eagle Scout at 14.  Not too shabby.  So proud of him.  

There you have it folks . . . life in the fast lane.  Obviously.

Did you do anything fun besides watch football this weekend?


  1. awww your boys are too cute! and i lol'd at the girls with long hair, way to narrow it down! just kidding, i don't want to be the creep who knows what your son's gf looks like.
    i love cards against humanity! we play it with KC's family and I swear we have all sorts - people who are very um... not inappropriate and those that are super wildly inappropriate haha and it's great. you really can't take it seriously though, you have to laugh about it. we played one time with this one guy who took it way too seriously and got mad / offended about every single card. it was horrible. get over it, its just a game!

  2. I played CAH on New Years Eve for the first time with my best friend, her hubs and my on again off again man friend. We had a blast, love starting the game by asking everyone who pooped last... can you say ice breaker??? Your boys are very handsome for sure!

  3. Cards of Humanity is insane and it makes me laugh. So inappropriate and terrible you can't help it.

    Your boys look great. I love that picture spot too.

  4. Look at all those wings!!! Haha!!!! Handsome little man you have there!! It is so weird when they get old enough for dances. My sister texts me pictures of my nieces and nephews and it just blows my mind. Last spring my 15 year old niece was asked to prom by a senior and she looked like an 21 year old in pictures. I was like ahhhh stop growing up!!!

  5. Looks like a great weekend! I am a middle school teacher and we do a formal in May. I love seeing everyone all dressed up :) They all look great!!

  6. They all look great for the winter ball!!

  7. I've heard so many things about Cards Against Humanity. I'm going to have to play it at least once. I've heard it's fun. The kids look great all dressed up.

  8. 8th grade and girlfriends??? Yikes!!! I can't even. Yes, Aiden is only in 4th grade but he's already telling us some classmates are 'going out', or whatever they call it these days (I"m so old, shit!). The boys looks so handsome! Love their bow ties! You sound like the cool mom, nice!

    Mystery wings, ha ha! Sounds like a yummy party!

    Never played Cards A.H. but have wanted to. Might just need to buy the game before our annual summer party in June.

  9. letting go...i'm going to have a hard time with that. thankfully K is little still but man, the years just fly and pretty soon, this will be my post!

  10. Omg looking at your boys' pictures is like looking into my future! It goes by too fast! Womp, womp.