Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Busy weekending

Phew, I may need a weekend from my weekend, but it was pretty awesome!  This has taken me so long to write because I have spring fever.  The weather is too lovely to stay inside on the computer!  

Friday night was dinner with friends!  We grilled out, let the kids play, listened to good music and relaxed.  The weather was gorgeous here is sunny Georgia so we were all outside for what feels like the first time in months.  As always, I forget to take pictures.  Whoops.  
Saturday morning was the first track practice of the season!  Getzy is the head distance coach again, and I opted out of helping this year.  Wow, how freeing.  Between the kids and dogs, it's easier if I'm available if someone has to stay back!  It only took me like 40 years to figure out how to say no.  
Saturday afternoon was a Choi Kwang Do red stripe black belt testing for Ryan.  I sent Getzy on ahead with him . . . and he didn't take one single picture for me.  Gah.  Men.  I did get a picture Monday night when he received his certificate!  He should test for his 2nd degree black belt by the end of the year!
Kyle tested after Ryan for a big one . . . his 2nd degree black belt in Choi Kwang Do.  He's been training for 5-1/2 years to make this happen.  We are so super proud of this kid.  I'm basically going to go around picking fights and then shoving Kyle forward to defend my honor.  He's like a lethal weapon.
There's a sweet back story to our family being involved in Choi Kwang Do.  When Kyle was in the first grade, he made friends with a little boy named Jackson.  Kyle attended Jackson's 7th birthday party at the Choi Kwang Do headquarters.  Grandmaster Choi even attended, the founder of Choi Kwang Do, and presented Jackson with his black belt.  This was such a special event because Jackson had a terminal, inoperable brain tumor.  This sweet boy passed away in August 2010 at the age of 7.
Kyle decided he was done with baseball and wanted to try a new sport so in August 2010, Kyle started Choi Kwang Do.  Look how little he was!
All three of my handsome men have earned their 1st degree black belts in the past few years . . . obviously Jackson started our family down an amazing journey. 
Here is my Kyle with his 2nd degree black belt and certificate.  Jackson is always on my heart at these events.  Once Kyle and I got in the car to go home I asked him, "Do you remember why you started Choi Kwang Do?"  He answered with one word, "Jackson."  
Daylight savings in the spring is always a buzz kill, especially when you have to get up early on Sunday to take a short 12 miles hike with fully loaded packs to train for Philmont . . . sucks for Getzy and Ryan.
Amanda and I had a Girl Scout meeting and then we all joined friends out to dinner.  We spent way too much on crappy margaritas . . . boo hiss . . . but that's really the only bummer from the weekend so I'll take it!  


  1. Congrats to your boys!!! How sweet to honor Jackson in such a positive way!

  2. Yay for black belts!!!! Your Friday night sounds like perfection to me! I hate going out on Fridays for whatever reason. Staying in and grilling? Yes, please!

  3. where did i miss you were a GA girl like me?? congrats to the boys! woo hoo!!