Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Tales

Does anyone else think it feels weird to have Easter in March? 
We had a relaxing weekend . . . the most exciting news is that my mom drove down for the week from Virginia!  I haven't seen her since November even though I talk to her almost every day!  She always brings the best treats to the kids . . . Ryan got candy, a new t-shirt and an ice cream scoop (he always fusses when ours is dirty, and he needs one).  Kyle got candy, the last Hunger Games movie and a sweet lamb figurine.  Amanda hit the mother load.  She got clothes, of course, and a new Petey inspired backpack FULL of Peeps, her favorite Easter candy.  
We went to church on Saturday evening . . . the night before seems to be the best time for our family versus rushing out Sunday morning.  I'm so thankful our church offers that option.  Ryan's girlfriend joined us which was pretty special.  She even agreed to take our family picture . . . sweet girl!
Kyle and Amanda tried to wake us up at like 6:30 a.m. on Easter morning.  Hell no . . . go away. The Easter bunnies are always up late stuffing and hiding eggs.  We rolled out about 7:30 . . . they had to wait until I took their picture before they could dig into everything.  

Easter was an exra special day for us . . . it was also our old man's Sweet 16!  Can you believe it? We've had this guy since he was 11 weeks old.  Crazy, right, that we got him back in 2000?  I just love him so much.  Amanda and I tried hard to get a good picture . . . this was the best of the best!  
And no one can resist Abby either . . . Amanda made sure to get a picture of her as well.  
I wanted ham for Easter dinner but Getzy is not a big fan so he made himself a hunk of prime rib. I've never cooked a ham so I was feeling like a real home maker today!  Mom made her macaroni salad, and I made Getzy a green bean casserole.  Easy peasy over here.  
After dinner the kids ran around like fools and then we decided, in honor of Pete dog, to play a family game of "Dog-opoly!"  Getzy won.  Dammit.  I like to win, but I was a good sport!
Worth noting:
Kyle's new root beer is called "Dang!"
Amanda matured quickly . . . using balloons.
It makes me so happy Petey is featured in the center of the game board!
Mom has gone to bed.  The kids have headed upstairs, and I'm currently yelling up to them to brush their teeth.  Again.  Getzy is finishing his bajillion (actually 3,000) piece puzzle which is the reason we didn't eat in the dining room.  And I'm writing my blog post.  
That, folks, is how you do Easter . . . turnt up style.  It was actually lovely to have every one home safe and sound, and my mama with me.  I hope you had a blessed Easter as well!

A couple of Easter side notes . . . 

The boys left for a couple hours Easter morning to join their friends at a closed grocery store. Their dad is the manager and has to go check in on holidays.  They boys absolutely love to go because they get to run around like fools, and he lets them race the electric carts around the store . . . how super fun is that for a bunch of boys?  Thanks Eric for letting them join!

Kyle had a math tutor come over on Easter.  Don't mess with me and get a bad grade . . . I simply won't have it.  Obviously both the tutor and I are hard core on math to agree to Easter. 

My friend Lake left me a surprise at my door one day last week just because . . . she knows I love holiday decor so meet my newest bunny to love!  It was so thoughtful and touched my heart. Thank you again my friend!


  1. glad y'all had a good easter! i loved hearing what everyone got in their baskets!!

  2. Aw, cute bunny! Sounds like a nice, relaxing Easter! OMG, I love putting together puzzles! I don't get to w/ little turkeys running around but once they are old enough to know to keep their hands off I'll be puzzling like a boss! I have one from way back when that is all straight edges, I have put it together a few times and know that once I can again I'll be pulling that sweet thing out and working on it. In a few years... :)

    A girlfriend!!! Ok, how weird is it that there's a new sort of random person hanging out on important days now? I'm not ready for that. Our niece turns 16 this year, which is how old Andy and I were when we started dating, so I'm sure it's only a matter of time before someone new is at our family celebrations. Eek, weird!!! :)

    Oh, and YES! Easter in March is totally bizarre!!! And cold! :(

  3. That's a great but laid back holiday weekend!

    Happy birthday Petey! I love your daughter's backpack too.

  4. Love that lil Bunny!! Always gotta make Mr. Nine the green bean casserole, lol. Amanda and those balloons, girl after my own heart, bah ha ha!! Love that you had a lovely day my friend!!

  5. bahahaha Amanda and the balloons.. hilarious. the food looks delicious, i have never cooked a ham (or any animal really that wasn't already cut up by the store haha) so good job!