Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fifty before 50 Bucket List

Now don't fall out because you had no idea I was so old . . . forty two and a half is no joke party people.  Time is ticking so I need to start working on some things I want to experience and/or do in the next seven and a half years.  
The items on this list are, in my opinion, all doable before my self imposed deadline of July 2023.  There are loads of other things I want to experience before God calls me home, but I'll have kids at home until I'm 50 so I need to be reasonable here.  

Okay . . . let's do this!  These are seriously in no order . . . they are all important and randomly listed. 

1. Touch down in all 50 states . . . only 13 more to go.  Have I been to yours?  No?  Well what are you waiting for . . . invite me!
2. Run a half marathon.  Gulp.  I'm so not a runner.  I think that's why I put this on here.  I can do it.  Right?  Tell me I can.

3. Pay off our mortgage.  Is there anything better than being debt free?  Well, maybe, but this is up there!

4. Take a cruise to Alaska.  In my head, this is the best way to see the highlights of an amazing and vast state.  

5. Learn to play the piano, which would also include learning to read music.  Crazy, right?  Trying to read music is like looking at Greek to me.

6. Take my kids to meet all of my Dad's brothers.  My dad passed away 20 years ago this year, but he still has 3 living brothers, and my kids have only met Uncle Bob.  Look out Uncle Frank and Uncle Roger . . . we are coming for you!

7. Swim with the dolphins.  Any dolphins will do in any location.  I just need to hang out with them in the water . . . maybe take a fin ride and get a kiss.  

8. Show Amanda New York City and buy something from Tiffany's in the little blue box.  I absolutely love New York, and I just think Amanda and I would have a blast discovering all the shows, restaurants, sites and shopping together.  

9. Foster a pregnant rescue dog and help get her and her puppies adopted to loving homes.  Cue Getzy calling a lawyer and/or renting an extended stay hotel room.  But seriously, my dog had puppies when I was a kid.  It was an amazing experience and while I would never allow my own dog to get pregnant, there are so many that are in need of a safe and warm place to deliver and recover.  

10. Complete renovations and decor changes on my home.  I had no idea we would live here for this long . . . it's time for some updates . . . cheaper than a new house is how we are looking at it.

11. Ride in a hot air balloon.  Aren't they so pretty?  I mean, why not?

12. Visit Disney World as a family again.  We've only been once, and Amanda was too little to remember so we need to do one more big trip here and hit all the parks!

13. Volunteer at a Hospice Center.  Sounds depressing, uh?  Well, I think it would be a humbling experience to be there at the end of some one's life and hopefully make it a little more pleasant.

14. Attend a pro football game.  Fine, I don't even care about sports, but I've been to pro basketball, hockey, baseball . . . may as well mark this one off the list.

15. Learn to French braid.  I'm more of a tom boy so I never bothered to learn. I can regular braid, but French braids are so pretty.  Amanda has great hair for me to practice on . . . although she is tender headed and will hate it!

16. Teach my kids to drive a stick shift.  I think this is such an important life skill.  I want them to be able get out of any situation or help a friend in need. 

17. Get a fancy new camera and actually learn how to use it.  I have a nice camera now . . . eventually I'd like to upgrade and in the process, take a class.  Pictures are my memories, so this is a must.

18. Visit London and Paris with the kids.  Of course I'd like to take them all around the world, but I think these two are great "first time in Europe for the kids" places to see.  Bonus points that Getzy and I both love these cities.  

19. Read the bible all the way through.  Gosh, doesn't this seem like a daunting task . . . but I think it's something I'd like to accomplish.  

20. Take my Mom to Nashville.  I grew up listening to country music and watching Hee Haw . . . every thing about that city makes me think of my mom, and she's never been.

21. Create Boy Scout scrapbooks for Ryan and Kyle and a Girl Scout one for Amanda.  I've saved every thing . . . it's just taunting me in a storage bin because I haven't started these yet.  

22.  See the Grand Canyon.  This just seems like something every American should do.  

23. Hike some portion of the Appalachian Trail.  It can even be an nice day hike, but I'd like to see what that experience is like.

24. Allow the kids to raise a brand new puppy.  We found Abby on the street when she was almost one and Petey was here before they were born so it would be fun for them to experience raising a puppy.  

25. Take the kids on a trip via train.  It seems so old school, but what a cool way to see some of this beautiful country!

26. Get my concealed weapon's permit, my own firearm and confidence to shoot it.  Y'all . . . because I can.  Second amendment rights and such.

27. Take horseback riding lessons.  Say what?  I know, I know.  But I think I would love it!

28. Visit Vegas.  And maybe do a thing or two I have to "let stay" in Vegas.  Come on . . . how is it that I have never been to Vegas?  Ridiculous.  

29. Own a pair of Louboutin's.  Black.  Patent leather?  Maybe.  

30. Take Ryan and Kyle on a special trip with Mom.  If Amanda gets New York, I should do something fun with my boys.  I think individually so I get to have one on one time. 

31. Cook a turkey.  Yep, I've never cooked the Thanksgiving turkey.  Getzy has always taken care of it.  I don't have to do it for the actual holiday, but I need to try this. 

32. Complete a "financial course" with each child.  In my former life I was a CPA, so I got some mad skillz.  I do pretty good with the whole financial scene so this is a life skill I need to make sure they learn.  

33. Make sure Getzy gets to Hawaii by his 50th birthday, which is before mine.  He's been to 49 states and this is his last one.  

34. Volunteer as a family at a soup kitchen or some other place that will leave an impression on our children.  It's one thing to hear about how some folks have to live . . . it's another to see it.  

35. Fly in a helicopter.  Preferably over something cool like a volcano.

36. Go to the top of the Space Needle.  I've been to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto so it seems I should do this as well. 

37. Hit my goal weight and maintain it.  I'm not even sure what that number is at this point . . . but any number I'm happy with seems elusive these days.  

38. Get a tummy tuck.  Okay, pipe down.  I should probably say skin removal surgery.  I would only have this done if I kept a happy goal weight for an extended period of time.  If you carried three basketballs for 9 months straight out in front on your body, you might need one too.  Don't be judgy.

39. Visit Disney Land in California with the kids.  If we hit up Orlando, may as well put the mouse ears on one more time and see the other big park!  

40. Go zip lining!  This seems so scary and fun . . . who doesn't want a bird's eye view of things?

41. Attend an SEC college football game.  Apparently seeing a game at James Madison University and one at University of Virginia don't count when you live in the south.  I'm really more in it for the tailgating.

42. Be a Red Cross Volunteer at a national disaster.  I mean, I don't want to be on the front lines, but I can serve hot coffee and food with a smile and a hug.   

43. Sew random themed pillowcases for my kids.  I don't really dig sewing, but these are so fun and a great mom/grandma skill.  This is inspired by a fabulous lady I used to babysit for . . . she has made a few for my children, and I cherish them.  

44. Visit the Sundial restaurant and Ferris Wheel in Atlanta.  I can't even believe I've never done this.  This restaurant is at the top of a building and slowly spins as you eat dinner so you get a 360 view of Atlanta.  

45. Go visit my old neighbor's who moved away.  One is in upstate New York and one is in Texas.  Look out Debbie and Sue . . . I'm heading your way one of these days.  

46. See a Cirque du Soleil show.  I love a show, and I'm convinced this would be so awesome.  

47. Organize all the kids' memorabilia.  I save every thing (#hoarder).  It's all smashed randomly into storage bins.  I want it sorted and organized into neat and pretty folders that the kids can take with them one day.  

48. Take the kids on a winter vacation.  We sometimes get snow here in Georgia, but I want to go somewhere cold where we can ski/snowboard, take a horse drawn sleigh ride, dog sled, ice fish, snow shoe . . . all the winter things.  Bonus points if we get to stay in a woodsy lodge.  

49. Go skydiving.  Let's be clear . . . tandem skydiving with a professional attached.  Kyle says he wants to go so we have plans to do this for his 18th birthday.

50. See all three of my kids graduate high school and enter college.  I pray over these babies . . . I want them to have the best life possible.  Education is the foundation for them to live up to their potential.
So there it is.  I put a lot of thought into these, and I'm pretty happy with myself.  Friends, family and my Getzy . . . keep these in mind when we are planning adventures.  I love to mark items off a list.  

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  1. okay, not falling out because you are 'old' pssh as if, but can we not mention years like '2023' because that right there is terrifying!!

    you absolutely 100% can do a half marathon!! i know you can! if i can, anyone can ;)

    i would LOVE to take a cruise in alaska! KC thinks it would be boring. he's crazy. we should go together! haha :) i'm going on my first cruise in a couple months, and i'm slightly terrified, so let me get this one out of the way first ;)

    i can't french braid either. i keep bugging my bestie to teach me.

    i would love to take my kids to london one day! it's probably my favourite city, after sydney. and taking your daughter to NYC sounds amazing :)

    lol at #26. not for me! i hope by the time i am 50, guns are less of a 'thing' you know?

    can you do a financial course for me too? lol. but seriously, that and driving a manual are some important things for kids to learn!

    i have seen the grand canyon, high five! you can do that when you go to vegas :) i would love to skydive too.. maybe. i think a hot air balloon is more terrifying than skydiving, is that weird?!

    i'm sure you can do all these things and i look forward to following along because obviously #51 is continue to blog, right?!

    thanks for linking up with us girl!

  2. i can do a messy french braid. that counts, right? hawaii is def on my list but damn, why does it have to be so far? why do all the countries i want to visit be so far??

  3. Oh how I love this and need to do it but I've only got 5 years left, gotta get going!! I hope you get to do them all and no judgement here, I tell my husband everyday I want a boob job but no plans to touch my face, my luck my nose would get attached to my lip or something, lol!

  4. This list is GREAT! I've been on Alaskan cruise & it was fun & the scenery was great. And I would definitely recommend. & 16!? YAY!!! I can drive a stick, I currently own one really, & joke that it's its own anti-theft device because no one can drive them anymore. I had to pull my own car into the shop for an oil change because the young kid working didn't know how to drive one.

    1. Love that you can drive a stick . . . it's so true about it being an anti-theft device, it's a lost art! How hysterical that the service worker couldn't drive a stick - shouldn't that be a job requirement?!? I've heard just seeing the sites from the ship deck in Alaska are amazing . . . can't wait!

  5. GREAT list! I have a 40 before 40, not all of which will be done by 40, and some will roll over onto my next list.

    Of course I love travel goals the most, but they're sometimes the hardest to do.

  6. Great list! I also have a lot of these on my 30 by 30 bucket list! Always great to have ambitious and scary goals :) Good luck girl!

    Thanks for linking up with Kristen and me!

  7. Reading your posts always makes me want to give you a big ol' hug! These are great goals/plans! Excited to read all about them over the next 7 years!

  8. We are trying to get to all 50 states too! So far we only have like 8.. we have quite a ways to go together hah!

  9. Very thorough list! I admire your ambition and am totally rooting you on! Want a tummy tuck? Do it! You owe no explanation to anyone. You go girl! (We over 40 gals have to stick together!)

  10. I saw your blog title on What's New with You link-up and I thought..."what?!? another person that is creeping up on 50?!?!" I'm a fellow 42-and-a-half (actually more than a half) blogger. Your list is fantastic. You can combine the Cirque de Soleil show with your Vegas trip. And, how about combining swimming with dolphins and a Hawaii trip?! I'm a football gal, and a SEC alum, so I like those pics. I don't think I could handle #9; I'd keep all the puppies myself! I have strong opinions about cosmetic surgery - your body, your money, your choice.

  11. Wow!! What an amazing list! and You can absolutely do a half marathon! Training only takes about 3 months, and the sense of accomplishment is amazing! Best of luck!

    1. Aww, thank you for the encouragement! I think I can run a half too – I just have to commit and get it done! That’s actually the scarier part! Love that you stopped by – looking forward to checking out your blog too!