Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Treat yourself . . . your body will thank you!

Now listen, I'm all about treating myself to new things.  Just ask my husband and watch him shake his head in defeat.  But this time, I'm talking less about "things" and more about doing something that benefits your health and wellness.  
I think I made it clear in my post Health is Wealth that I'm not on the top of my game with exercising and eating right.  Shocker, right?  Not if you know me in real life . . . in more simple terms . . . fluffy, less fluffy, fluffy, less fluffy. . . you get the point.    
Calling myself fat is rude, and something I would never say to anyone else, so fluffy it is.  I deserve to treat myself as well as I would someone else . . . because it does set a standard. Side note: is it wrong that fluffy makes me think of Despicable Me?  

Well, it's March and springs brings new life and hope so it's time to get back on track with taking care of myself.  That comes in a variety of ways . . . some are more mental than others.  

So let's start with my new blog look . . . so fresh and clean!  It was time for a change . . . I'm writing more so a new look feels inspiring to me.  Erin did a great job . . . thank you for being patient with me!  

I don't make the time to scrapbook.  I don't journal.  I no longer print pictures.  So this blog . . . these are my memories and that is so precious to me.  And I didn't know it when I started, but there is a huge blogging community of amazing and uplifting people.  I've met so many lovely ladies that feel like "real" friends.  The encourage you and check on you . . . it's so refreshing and good for the soul.
Want to know something else that I think is good for my soul . . . de-cluttering.  It feels like such a fresh start.  You can literally feel a weight lifted when you organize, trash and donate things that you no longer need.  
My plan is to go from one corner of this house to the other and really decide if the items here bring us joy, reflect who we are at this point in our life and don't make us look like poor college students.  Getzy and I have a different take on some things . . . I'll concede he can keep his high school and college trophies.  Begrudgingly.  

I've made a good start just going paperless on several monthly things, shredding old files, going through the grown up book shelves and starting to eliminate out of date files on my computer.  I already feel "lightened" . . . so good for my mental well being!

As for counting macros . . . that was a bust.  It is very tedious and frustrating for me.  However, on a more positive note, my favorite trainer from the gym I went to last year branched out on her own and is now hosting her own boot camp.  I started attending this week so I'm sure I'll be whining in private about how sore and out of shape I am, but hey . . . gotta start somewhere.  I kind of have a lady crush on her anyway . . . she lets me DJ the classes sometimes.  Wiki wiki wha . . .

I did try something new right after boot camp . . . a regular yoga class.  I seriously LOVED it.  Where has this been all my life?  I felt like this was the biggest gift I've given my body in years.  The darkish room, the relaxing music, my shoes off . . . permission to just stretch, relax, be grateful to my body.  I'm so type A so this was kind of difficult at first, but then I just gave into the new experience.  The best part was when the instructor came around with peppermint oil on her hands and pushed our shoulders down to stretch us out more . . . luxurious.  
I did hot yoga once about a year ago . . . hated it.  It was like the 5th level of hell and lasted around 90 minutes . . . talk about a girl on fire.  It turned me off from yoga in general, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking how awesome it would feel to stretch and relax.  So glad I gave yoga another try.

So there you go.  Progress, not perfection . . . right?  Anyone else ready for spring flowers?  And warmer weather?  My windows are open and the wind chime is singing to me . . . I'm feeling the winter blues lifting.  Ahhhhhh.


  1. Love the new look, so clean and fresh. I am ready for a change myself so I will check your girl out! I actually am writing about a couple of similar things in my post tomorrow... March seems like time to purge to me too. I need Yoga in my life, where are you going? I feel like it would be a great fit for me.

  2. love the new layout!

    YASSSSS to taking care of yourself in any shape or form. whether is treat yoself once a month to fanciness, eating right, blogging, exercise - anything that makes you happy is taking care of yourself.

    yoga is incredible. when i had work fuckoff time, i did yoga on top of gym and muay thai. it was such a nice change to focus on stretching instead of always being tense from the crazy training and my body certainly appreciated it! i should do that again but i seriously don't have the time between training 6 days a week and work and family!

  3. yay love the new layout! and yay yoga! i used to love hot yoga, but i can understand why you didn't. i really need to declutter all the things (i see your husband's high school trophies and raise you my husband's high school NOTEBOOKS like WTF). we don't have a lot of papers and stuff, but i might have a look at my poor excuse for a filing set up and see if i can't get rid of some things. but mostly i need to get rid of clothes, books, random knickknacks that somehow end up in the house and never leave.

  4. Love the new look - clutter free! :)

    I am in serious need of starting an exercise routine. I want to so bad but never make myself - dumb!!! I'm afraid to join a gym because I'm worried I'll waste it and I don't want locals to see me struggling as I get in shape. I'd love to try Yoga someday. It sucks living in such a small town w/ no classes offered here. I'd have to drive to town at butt-thirty in the morning and make it back before Andy had to leave for work - sounds like a pain!!! And night's are out - too many activities. Just need to get out my DVD's and treadmill and make myself work!!

  5. Love the new look.

    I am planning a spot of yoga tonight. Holler! I'm not a yogi. So I need to just go with it.