Thursday, June 16, 2016

Naked Rebellion

Confess . . . did you click on this post simply because 'naked' was in the title?  Fine, I'll confess.  I would have . . . if my friends are telling naked tales, I wanna know.  Geez.  Hold on.  I'll get to the naked details, but I need to explain some things first. 
It was even harder to tell my menfolk goodbye this week because I just got my family back together on Saturday for a couple of days.  Last week was so weird for us.  Our kids were skattered hither and yon, and it just didn't feel right.

Let's start with my Kyle . . . he went to Panama City Beach with his best friend's family.  We got back from Virginia on Friday afternoon.  He spent the night with his friend and left early Saturday for the beach.  That's how you turn and burn, btw.  
I love these people so much . . . they feel like family.  
The family he was with are some of our best friends so we knew he was in good hands.  I missed him like crazy, but we texted and chatted every day.  And obviously he enjoyed himself while his mama fretted over not seeing his sweet face for a week.  

My mini me enjoyed herself at Girl Scout day camp this past week.  I'm usually her leader, but she needs opportunities to be independent and blossom without me always being there . . . not that she has an problem being independent.  No, it's just me that hates to miss any minute detail of their lives.  Hello crazy.  
She's like her mama . . . she'll try any new adventure!  
She said she preferred kayaking over paddle boarding!
On Wednesday, the Girl Scouts her age take a field trip to go tubing in Helen, GA and then they spend the night in the cabins at camp . . . a big deal because they've been in tents previous years.  I knew she'd be fine because she's a baller and we've done the tubing thing before, but man was I anxious to hear they were okay all day.  

So I thought it would be a super fun bonding time with my oldest this week since we would have our days without the other two . . . a rare occasion and I was excited.  The teenager?  Not as much. Understandably so.  I guess.  Boo.

He mentioned wanting a Nike running hat so I was all excited and said we should go to the Nike outlet not too far up the road.  He agreed.  Shopping with my teen.  Woot.  

We get there, head straight to Nike, he walks around basically in a circle and was like, "Nah, I don't need anything."  I was like huh?  I make him pick out a new pair of running shorts, and we happen to find a t-shirt he likes on the way to the register.  No hats though.  So we leave there, walk to Under Armor, and he does the same store circle and then we leave.  Head to Lids . . . sees hats, doesn't like them so nothing there.  I'm like "Son, you're shopping with mom . . . pick some stuff out."  He says, "I don't really need a lot and don't want to waste your money."  How can I argue with that?  Gah, that boy.  
He did actually chat with me . . . after checking his "snap threads" and texts of course!
So instead of shopping, we tried a new Thai restaurant because fried rice is his jam.  Also spring rolls are a favorite!  He's up for trying new foods now that he's older and that makes me happy! We also order dumplings . . . he got fried and I got steamed so we could try both.  

The next day, when Amanda was at camp overnight, we decided to venture out a little further to satisfy our Thai food addiction.  He didn't want to go too far because he has plans to spend the night with friends . . . but since he agreed to dinner with us, he didn't want to back out on it.  This time he tried Pad Thai . . . but likes the fried rice better.  

So after dinner we drop him off at his friends house.  Now do the math.  Three kids.  All accounted for somewhere else.  We are home ALONE for the night.  That.  Never.  Happens.  

So like the hoodlums we are, we watched some of The Outlander in bed because alas, Getzy had to go to work at the ass crack of dawn the next day.  And speaking of ass crack, here's where the naked comes into play!  OMG stop.  You're gross.  
I don't ever sleep naked . . . for a couple of reasons.  Most importantly, because we have kids.  Like seriously, can you imagine running to see what's the matter with a kid in the middle of the night butt naked?  Talk about awkward.  And the other reason was because until recently, we had a dog sleeping in our bed for 16 years.  It just seems wrong on so many levels to sleep naked with a furry friend under the covers.    

So I'm wearing some "mom pajamas" . . . like just basic top and bottoms that cover everything, and I can walk around in front of the kids in them.  I'm laying there watching TV and we're about to go to sleep when it hits me . . . there are no kids and no dog around.  What am I doing fully clothed?  I announced to Getzy that I was going rogue and sleeping naked simply because I COULD.  

I wish I could tell you it was a more smooth transition, but no.  I just yanked off the pjs and tossed them to the side of the bed.  There was no rhyme or reason, no sexy build up, nothing.  Just me laying there with a big grin on my face thinking I'm a total bad ass.  
I know I built this up to more than it actually was and for that, I'm totally not sorry.  What did you expect?  I'm a middle age mom over here.  For the record, I used to sleep naked eons ago . . . you should try it.  So freeing.  I just wish I had thought of it earlier because I had to pick up the pajamas the next morning, and the laundry fairy never visits here.  Ha!


  1. HAHAHA I totally clicked due to the title. You go reliving your nudie sleeping youth.

    Isn't your kid amazing not wanting to waste your money? I'll waste some of it for him.

  2. I clicked because of naked too, not that I wouldn't read you anyway but still. I sleep nekked from time to time now when the kids are gon and it is the best feeling ever especially on freshly washed sheets. My son is the same way, even when he needs things he is very conscious of the spending part. So sweet!

  3. i've tried the nude sleeping but it's just not my jam. i prefer a tank top and shorts!

  4. I clicked b/c I saw you posted - you could title your posts any weird/crazy/boring thing you want to and I'll click!

    OMG, I MISS sleeping naked!!! Like you, gave it up when the kids arrived. Well, maybe I held on to it until they were 'old enough' to know better, so like 2 years old. That's 8 years ago!!! and guess what, I have another 18 at least until I get that comfy luxury back, boo! Hiss!

    Those kiddos of yours, the best! You sure are doing s/t right - maybe you can write a book on how to raise amazing kids, I'll buy it! :)

  5. Cannot.Stop.Laughing! Cannot.Stop.Relating!!! Cannot.Stop.Loving YOU!!! The BEST!!!

  6. Glad the kids are having fun--I swear summer is the busiest time of year. I'm a "never nude" so props to you for going rogue! Why not when no kids are around, right?

  7. hahahaha i never sleep naked! it's just not comfy to me. tmi? haha. your teenager sounds like me - fried rice and spring rolls?! yum. but i totally love to shop, that must be a girl thing lol. amanda is way more adventurous than i was at her age!

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