Tuesday, June 14, 2016

There goes half my heart . . . to Philmont

Today is the day . . . the beginning of the journey that has been well planned and for which they are well prepared. (Is that correct grammar?  I didn't want to leave a dangling preposition.)  Getzy and my oldest Ryan are heading out to Cimarron, New Mexico to enjoy a two weeks high adventure trek at the famous Philmont Scout Ranch.  Clearly they love to pose for my pictures . . . well, to be fair, the sun was glaring in their face.  
Feel the love!  Their backpacks and hiking boots are stuffed in the big yellow bags . . .
we lovingly refer to those as the "body bags!"  They are huge!
Two weeks.  I die.  Today it feels like forever, but I know the time will pass quickly because this feels like yesterday . . . Cub Scout day camp from 7 years ago.  Now he's 14 and seems more like a man than a boy.
He has always been such a good boy . . . I truly am lucky God gave him to us.
Alert:  sentimental mom . . . tread lightly.  
When I say they are well prepared, I mean it.  They've done a long training hike every month this year . . . the last being 20 miles in one day.  Ballers, for sure.  Also Ryan ran and Getzy coached distance track this spring so they've gotten in some serious mileage.  

We are blessed to have the beginning of the Appalachian Trail right in our 'backyard' and that's where they've done several prep hikes.  Hiking even a small portion is on my bucket list . . . I think I'll have some excellent guides when the time comes!
The infamous backpacks . . . your whole trip depends how how much
your pack weighs and how you wear it on your back.  
In fact, they did a 3 night 4 day hike this time last year on the AT . . . I thought that was a long time to be away from my menfolk.  Gah.  
Apparently Kyle's pack is heavy or uncomfortable . . . ha!
Ryan looks so much younger here.
They were packed, ready and waiting this morning . . . everyone was all smiles and ready to get the show on the road.  
These two . . . they are so much alike!  And yes, I'm hiding
their troop information to protect the (presumed) innocent.
I'm not sure all the scheduled fun, but I did hear tale of burro racing (#jealous), shotgun shooting, rappelling . . . oh, and hiking like 75ish miles.  I can't wait to see pictures and hear the stories.  I have heard the word "Baldy" a few times so I think that is where they trek will be . . . uh, that doesn't seem like the easiest one around.   
I "borrowed" this photo from the Internet . . . can you for reals see Canada
 from New Mexico?  Seems far fetched to me.  Guess they will let me know.
My loves . . . all together this morning with our Abby girl.  At least I get some quality time with those other two cuties!
Sleepy heads . . . love them so.
I hope Getzy has a blast with Ryan because he will get to do this again in 2018 with Kyle.  Kyle is too young to go this year, but we of course want him to get the same amazing experience.  

Getzy went as a teen and says it was a life changing experience.  How freaking cool is it that he gets to experience it with his son?  I love this picture of when he did it the first time back in 1985 with his brother and two friends.
A few things:  Getzy will die when he sees I've defaced his picture with a heart.  *giggles*
I don't think anybody packed tube socks this time . . . thank goodness.
He has an identical twin . . . I don't think they look so identical in this picture!
I'm really just making this harder on myself finding these old pictures . . . I need to stop.  Y'all have a terrific Tuesday . . . I'm going to go hug my dog and my other two kids.  And call my mom.  


  1. awww what a cool experience, especially since getzy has done it back in the 80s. those socks are fabulous, as is everyone's hair haha. the heart is the best.

  2. What a freaking awesome adventure for them. And so wonderful your husband had such a great experience and now gets to do it again with his oldest son and again in a few years. I hope they have a life-changing time.

  3. How awesome for these guys!!! Aiden and Andy go to their father/son bball overnight camp Friday and I am so excited for them to have the special time together! You and I are two lucky gals that our guys love their kids so much and want to be the ones spending special time w/ them!

    hang in there, hopefully 2 weeks will go fast for you! How do you handle being home alone at night w/o your husband? I sleep horribly when Andy's gone overnight - I hear weird noises and freak myself out. :)

  4. Sooooo excited for Getzy and your oldest, oh mama, the memories in the making!!!! So, how excited am I you're back!!!!! I came to your lil spot here and said "where is my Getzy girl?" Well, living life with dem precious ones of yours...that's where!!! You know you'll always have a soft place to land here and it's mighty alright to take breaks, Lordy knows I need one, lol. Soak of time with your two youngest and maybe someday, lil Getzy's wife will put a heart above his head from this trip...LOVE IT!!

  5. What a fun time they'll have and I'm sure they'll be talking about it for years and years to come:)


  6. Aw, I know they will have a blast. Doesn't sound exciting to me (I like hiking around Sephora, and that's it, hehe) but it sounds right up their alley.

  7. Tyler and Paul did Sea Base earlier this month and they both agreed that it was a once in a lifetime amazing memory. Neither were really that eager to come home, so you know it was more vaca than scout camp ha!