Monday, July 18, 2016

Birthday things . . .

At this point in the summer, I've mostly lost track of what day of the week it is . . . that's a good thing I think!  Today I thought I'd recap some birthday things that made me happy!
So a couple of weeks ago I was at the pool with some of my mom friends.  We were chatting it up, and I mentioned that I was going to be alone on my birthday since everyone but dear old mom was going out of town.  They were all like, "So your house is empty?"  And I'm like yeah, just me and the dog.  And then they announced "Girls Night IN!"  I was like, "Brilliant!"  So some texts were sent and boom, birthday plans!  
Y'all.  I love having a tribe.  And I feel like I have a few different tribes, and they are all equally important to me.  These are my people.  I really try to surround myself with women who build each other up and would be there no matter what.  I feel like I am that kind of person, and I feel like it's what I attract.  So each of these ladies should know they hold a special place in my heart . . . who knew a little planning at the pool would turn into such a fabulous night!
My friend Tina shows up with themed birthday shots!  These were totally Pinterest worthy and packed a punch!  Cheers.
My friend Amy made me a homemade birthday cake!  Did you hear that?  Homemade!!!  And she decorated it with dog bones.  I die.  Loved it so much!

It was a lovely evening of friends, food and fun.  Everyone brought an appetizer and cocktails so I didn't have to do anything.  How awesome is that?  Friends were making me drinks and cleaning my kitchen . . . so spoiled.  And speaking of spoiled, they loaded me up with gifts.  This was so totally unnecessary . . . I was just happy not to spend my birthday alone.  Look how generous my friends are with me!
I realize I forgot a couple of things I had already put away but wasn't setting this up again!
I also got a hula hoop, which cracked me up.  Y'all, I really feel like I can hold my own on the dance floor, but the hula hoop eludes me.  My friend Amy thinks that's funny so she got me a fancy weighted one so I can practice!  In contrast, my Amanda has won hula hoop contests.  I swear she could cook dinner and keep it going.  She doesn't know it yet, but she's giving me lessons.  This is pretty much me when I try!  
Do you have any friends that would be ridiculously excited to receive dog togs and dog themed items for their birthday?  Well I got all excited when I opened these gifts!!! 
Amanda loves to shop for gifts for people.  Her daddy was supposed to take her to the mall, but he ended up going on his way home from work.  She was not happy with him.  She apparently knew what she wanted to get me so he helped her find it online.  One has to appreciate a daughter who is trying to help keep her looking young!
Seriously, this is actually a very thoughtful gift because she pays attention.  Amanda and I were at the mall a few weeks ago shopping for things for her trip.  Bath & Body Works was out of my favorite eye cream . . . the shelf was empty, and she heard me ask the cashier if they had any in stock, which they didn't.  So she made sure to get me some for my birthday . . . sweet girl.  

Getzy, out of desperation to get his own cup back, bought me a new stainless steel tumbler!  It holds 30 ounces and makes it easy to measure how much water I'm getting!!!  Now he doesn't have to share.  
I love the giant straws from Starbucks . . . they fit these nicely!
My friend Kim took me to lunch and brought me presents that were wrapped.  Like in actual wrapping paper.  Call me a kid, but I love to unwrap a gift.  I know, gift bags are easy, but there's just something about ripping paper and wondering what could be inside that appeals to me.  And look what fun stuff she picked for me?!?  Love it all!
She reminded me that I always say the words "random crap."
 And I totally do! 
I'm sure Getzy will be glad when July is over.  I keep buying myself stuff "for my birthday!"  And it's all random crap . . . see, didn't even mean to do that!  
The bible was inspired by Mix & Match Mama . . . it's on my Bucket List to read the Bible all the way through, not necessarily in a year though.  I've stopped and started a million times so maybe this will help keep me on track.  The Cuisinart is because the Pioneer Woman makes all kinds of cool things in hers so surely this will kick my cooking up a notch.  And finally, the head wraps are inspired by the sweet Andrea from Living on Cloud Nine . . . how fun are these and you get a ton for only $9!  Woot!

We won't discuss the various dog toys I've gotten myself Zeus, all in the name of my birthday!  But the best birthday gift of all was having Getzy come home from his trip and walk in the house happy to see a new animal . . . that's a first!  


  1. happy birthday!! it's so important to surround yourself with like-minded friends who support and lift you.
    i love girls night in; we call it a "hen party" and we stay in with wine and do fun things like craft or read or just hang out and talk.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! What a fun idea for a party with the girls night in!!!! Looks like you got so many fabulous gifts and your shots and cake look so fun! I had to attempt to hollahoop last fall at a company thing we had and oh gosh it was awful. I used to be so good at it when I was younger.

  3. I love that your friends pulled this all together! What a fun birthday celebration, low key, but with all your tribe around! And those birthday cake shots look super Pinterest worthy!

  4. awwww happy birthday!! i am so jealous (but in a good way!) of your tribe and all your friends. i have 3 friends, not that i am complaining, but how lovely to have so many people want to celebrate you and be there for you. i used to be the best hoola hooper but it's been a while!

  5. That was awesome of your friends to do that for you! They're keepers! I, too, prefer wrapping paper. I use it for most gifts that I give.

  6. Happy Birthday! I am so telling my friends that I will be alone on my birthday so they throw me an awesome party too! Seriously though, I do not know what I would do without my girls. I want cake now.

  7. Oh sweet pea, I'm Behind this week and my absolute most important thing is to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm jealous of your amazing tribe too but oh so grateful they gave you a birthday to remember!! Yay!! You got the head wraps!! Now, I gotta see your cute head in one, lol!! You know I declared the month of July "Queen Amy" month so cheers to you beautiful and guess what, I'm a wrapping paper girl too, in fact it was one of the categories I used to judge at our county Fair. Nothing like a pretty pkg!! And no one like YOU!! Showering you with virtual birthday hugs!!

  8. AW, what a fabulous birthday!! I love that, and all of the things you got. Too much fun!!