Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bucket List Item #44

Happy Tuesday friends!  We had a fabulous weekend celebrating America, friends and family . . . a trifecta of awesome!  
Friday night was spent anxiously awaiting the arrival of Getzy's family.  They made it here around 9 p.m. so we had a lovely night just catching up with them.  

Saturday the girls went to run a few errands . . . we had the top down on the Jeep, the wind in our hair and the sweat on our brow . . . good gracious this is a hot and dry summer here in Atlanta.  I get it . . . summer is hot . . . but some are worse than others, kwim?
With family in town, I thought it would be a great time to mark an item off my Fifty Before 50 Bucket List July is my birthday month so I was able to use that for leverage . . . I warned everyone about the good old fashion family fun they were about to enjoy.  Happy faces people.  The kids would have stayed holed up in the basement playing video games if we let them, but they came up for fresh air and an adventure. 

My car had all the cool kids.  No seriously, the AC was low, and they all wanted to ride together and listen to loud music so I took them and Getzy had the boring adult car.  Lame.  
Our first stop was the Sun Dial Bar atop the Westin Peachtree Plaza in downtown Atlanta.  A couple of fun facts . . . the Westin, at 73 stories tall, is the tallest hotel in the southeast and the fifth tallest building in Atlanta.
Being the over-planner that I am, I read in tiny little fine print at the bottom of the menu online that if you spent $75 at the bar, valet parking was complimentary.  So we role in to valet park, and I had to giggle because the valet guy double checked to make sure we wanted to spend $20 for each car.  Did we look like the Clampett's rolling up in there? (Bonus points if you know who the Clampett's are!)  Actually, he was just being nice because it was way cheaper to park any where else around the hotel.  

You have to pay to even go up to the top floors, but you get the money credited back on your tab . . . as long as you tell them because they do not remind you.  I found that out the hard way.  It was $52 for the 9 of us to ride the glass enclosed elevator to the top!  This is not for those folks who have issues with heights . . . do not face the glass if that's the case. 
The floor where you exit the elevator is the Observatory . . . you can walk around and view the city through four different telescopes and read up on some history.  And take crappy photos because of the lighting . . . or is that just me?
Why do my menfolk do the picture lean?  They totally get that from their father.  
Then you head up some stairs to the bar.  We got their early enough to get two seating areas next to each other . . . one for the kids and another for the adults.  
Kid 'mocktails' = Shirley Temples
Originally we were going to eat dinner somewhere else and just have cocktails and appetizers at the Sun Dial bar, but we ended up eating more than expected and just skipped dinner.  We opted for the bar instead of the restaurant because well, money and kids.  

While waiting for our order, we took an excess of photos.  Who doesn't love to get sandwiched between a couple of handsome twins?  
I went last and the fellows were done being patient with photos,
thus the crappy exposure.  I blame them.  Winky face.
And of course we had to do the obligatory couple photos . . .
I was totally digging on Getzy's post hike scruff . . . my very own mountain man!
Let's not forget the cocktails . . . cheers.  Getzy's drink of choice is always a Manhattan and mine is usually a waiter's recommendation, unless I'm getting a margarita at a Mexican restaurant.  The Georgia Peach martini was delightful as well as the strawberry deliciousness (that I don't know the name of). 
So the center of the room was steady, but the outside of the floor rotated so while sitting and enjoying your evening, you got to see a 360 view of the city of Atlanta . . . obviously that's the most impressive part of being at the Sun Dial.  Amanda is demonstrating the floor movement.  
Ryan started a bit later . . . he's also not as flexible!
The pictures just don't do it justice, but here you go anyway!
Fun facts . . . a Braves game was going on at Turner Field.  This is their last season there as they are moving to Cobb County.
The gold domed building is the state capital!
Little Amanda is totally outnumbered with all the boys in the family.  Another fun fact . . . she's the first girl in the Getz family in 74 years.  While she's outnumbered, the boys all take very good care of her.  You will also be happy to know that she is wearing athletic shorts under her dress.  I kept telling her to sit like a lady, and she would be like, "it's fine, I'm wearing shorts."  Ha.  I'll keep working on her ladylike behavior.
One more that I can't resist of my handsome husband . . . funny story about that shirt.  
We bought it on St. Barts last year when we were vacationing with friends.  We assumed it would be fine because it's his typical shirt size so he didn't try it on at the store.  Well, it's French cut, if that's even a thing.  Maybe European cut?  It's just not cut like typical American shirts so when he went to wear it after our vacation last year, let's just say it was a bit snug.  So since he just hiked for two weeks out west, it was the perfect time to try it again.  It obviously fit and IMHO, looks fabulous.  We always get a good chuckle over that shirt.

Time to head over to the SkyView Ferris Wheel . . . it's literally just a quick walk from the Westin. The plan was to wait until it was dark but as you can see, that didn't happen.  
I had purchased a Groupon to save a little money . . . let me tell you, this was not cheap fun.  The Groupons were $72 total (for 8 tickets), and then I had to pay tax and purchase Amanda's ticket so that was another $13 . . . so for the math challenged, you're about to witness $85 of torture fun.

There was a bit of a line, but it moved quickly.  The fam was agreeable to pictures so I took as many as I could.  
The kids wanted a car to themselves.  They were right next to us so it made for some funny photos.
Turns out they were cracking each other up.  Apparently my oldest son was dared to "dab" while the girls in the next car were watching him . . . he won $4 in the bet and his cousin paid up when they got home.  Funny stuff.  
Amanda was in charge of photos on their car . . . she took about a million and I narrowed it down to a few.  Ryan looking all innocent . . . we know better.  
And we started out laughing and taking pictures in our car as well . . . in theory this was supposed to be a good time. 
I snapped some cool shots of the surrounding area, too.  The tall circular building is the Westin where we just were.  The brick building is the Tabernacle . . . my favorite place to see a concert in Atlanta.  And the bottom right is Centennial Olympic Park where the 1996 Olympics were held. Notice the Olympic rings on the ground amongst all the people . . . those are fountains and folks are cooling off from the Georgia heat. 
But then we realized the air conditioning wasn't really working on the enclosed car . . . like that warm heat the blows on you and makes it worse.  It worked better when the car was moving but as it started unloading, which seemed to take forever, it felt like the fifth level of hell.  We were sweating so bad, my sunglasses would slide right down my face.  
While it was absolute torture, it did make for a funnier story.  Getzy swears he will never do that again . . . I say I'll give it another try in like January when it's cold and dark outside.  I made the kids pose by the mini ferris wheel afterwards . . . I'm shocked they weren't soaked in their own sweat.
On the walk back to our cars, I snapped a shot of these two . . . they are like peas and carrots. Oddly enough, I had a very vivid dream before Amanda was ever conceived of Matt holding the hand of a brown hair, blue eyed little girl . . . so now you know, dreams really do come true.  
And this guy met a friend . . . Mr. Andrew Young, former mayor of Atlanta.  Do you know how rare it is for my Kyle to wear something other than athletic shorts and tennis shoes?  He did it all on his own, and I didn't have to beg.  Or threaten.  
The next day I took all the kids for a splash in the pool . . . they played for two hours and finally got hungry enough to go home.  It was lovely.
Our local town always does fireworks on July 3rd.  Instead of fighting the big crowds downtown, we joined some friends on the lawn outside of AutoZone, affectionately named "the zone."  We always try to keep it classy folks.  It's just next door to a Quik Trip which makes for easy refreshments for the young folks.  We didn't take too many pictures because it was nice to just sit and visit . . . but my friend Shelly always reminds us to get a group photo for posterity . . . and that's why I love her!
Our family left the next morning . . . Abby was getting a whole lot of extra loving with family around so we think she was sad to say goodbye.  She does alright in the getting lots of attention department so don't feel too bad for her.  
I lazed around all day doing absolutely nothing.  It sounds better than it was . . . I got bored. Thankfully some of our favorite friends had a get together for the 4th so we headed over there after dropping Ryan off at a party with his friends.  

Our neighborhood has fireworks that rival any others so we always go watch them on the 4th.  My pictures suck in general so I didn't kid myself into thinking I was going to have any spectacular ones, but I did get one that I thought might do!  And that folks is a wrap on a pretty fabulous holiday weekend!  Cheers to you and yours!


  1. whew! what a busy weekend. yes there is such a thing as European cut; my husband doesn't like them because he says they're too short for him (he has a really long torso) so they pretty much look like crop tops on him haha!

  2. Love that you got to cross a bucket list item off? Isn't that such a satisfying feeling!? I have a pretty ambitious 30 before 30, but I think my next bucket list needs to be a little more grounded in reality. Most of my items right now require a decent chunk of planning & money. Not that I don't have those things...I just don't have the vacation days!

  3. Poor Amanda, the only girl in the group! OMG, Shirley Temples are my FAVORITE!!! Because I never drink when out I order ST's (and Mt Dew's, ha ha!).

    Dreams def do come true! With the older 2 boys Andy had a dream about them while I was prego - sex, looks, etc. EXACTLY true! So crazy!!! Such a sweet pic of A and her daddy!

    That's an awesome fireworks picture!!! I put my phone in my chairs cup holder when we got to the field and never took it out again. I decided to hell w/ pics, I wanted to just enjoy them this year. And I was snuggling a cute little toddler with squishy hands so why mess that up with taking a picture?!? :)

  4. I'm glad you crossed something off of your list! I would have died in that non AC car.

    How cool that your daughter is the first girl in that family in 74 years.

  5. You guys did so much exploring and fun things!! That cocktail picture looks amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Yee haw, what a fun time!! I've got 3 more days making memories like this. You're sweet girlie, I hope I'll get me a grand daughter some far off day, I'm surrounded by testosterone!!. I started looking at my pics on the camera, my man leans in too.....And cutest couple award goes to The Getzy's!!!! Man, you guys are gorgeous!!

  7. Sounds like you all had a ton of fun!!!! I need to create a 30 before 30 list!!! <3

  8. oh my goodness! what a fun filled weekend. i totally know what you mean about lazing about doing nothing. sometimes i love it, sometimes i get insanely bored and restless haha. and that strawberry deliciousness looks like my kind of drink. i love a fruity cocktail!

  9. Yay for Atl!!! Woo hoo!! That's just a few minutes from where I live. The ferris wheel used to be in Pensacola, FL, so I've been on that exact one, but not since it moved to Atl. Sundial is a must!