Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday things . . .

Let's all do the Friday Happy Dance together!  Come on . . . hold my hand and let's groove!
Although honestly, while I'm not dreading this weekend by any means, I am coming into it with a bit of trepidation because all my people are leaving me.  Getzy is flying half way around the world for work on Saturday, my sweet boys leave me for camp on Sunday and Miss Amanda flies off into the sunset on Monday to stay with my friends in Florida.  And then mama is left alone . . . just me and the dog until they all come back to me.  

Speaking of the dog, Abigail got a haircut yesterday!  I absolutely love her long, luxurious fur . . . she feels like silk and you can just run your fingers through her fur for days.  But it's hot.  When I have her shaved, she act like a pretty princess who feels like a million bucks.  While these pictures don't really prove that, trust me.  She also starts sleeping on the furniture instead of the cold floor so I know she feels better.  Would you just look at this cute girl?
Sometimes you have to get on her level . . . Getzy was concerned when she didn't greet him at the door.  Obviously he needed to lay on the floor to make sure all was well.  Apparently she was worn out from being at the groomers.  
We are starting the process of looking for a new friend for Abby.  We haven't really made a decision on what we are going to get, but the two front runners couldn't be more different . . . a little girl Boston Terrier or a big boy German Shepherd.  The hard part isn't deciding on the breed, it's finding a reputable breeder that has available dogs.  And please don't judge because we want a pure bred puppy . . . if you know me in real life, I've done my fair share of dog rescuing.  And that gorgeous blond girl above was literally found in the middle of the road and saved by us . . . check out her story HERE.
It's clear I have an animal problem.  I would have a menagerie if it weren't for Getzy keeping me in check . . . which I am grateful for most of the time.  

This week Amanda and I accidentally bought a bird feeder and a 20 pound bag of food to lure the songbirds to our deck.  We spend a lot of time out there relaxing, reading, and chatting so we thought it would be fun to share it with our fine feathered friends.  
Isn't it so pretty?  I feel like I need to make an announcement
to the birds that it's open for business because nobody has shown up yet.
Here birdie, birdie!
Getzy is sitting at the counter with me while I'm cooking dinner, and he happens to see the store receipt.  He asks about the bird feeder, and Amanda and I both look at each other like we don't know what he's talking about.  Amanda then blames me, and I blame her.  In the end, Getzy just needed clarification that I didn't buy any actual birds . . . the irony is that he knows that's a possibility.  Fun fact - Getzy hates birds . . . I on the other hand would commit to own a parrot for 70 years if he would let me.  He's obviously the yin to my yang.

As I mentioned, July is my birthday month.  Honestly, summer birthdays are kind of a drag.  You know what I mean if you have one.  You never got to wear the hat in school, your mom never got to bring cupcakes to share with the class and everyone is on vacation when you try to plan a party.  

Since some of our favorite people will be out of town on my actual birthday, they surprised me with dinner out at a new restaurant to celebrate with me.   
We went to Freight Kitchen & Tap!  It used to be an old train depot so the building was so unique! The appetizers were delicious . . . we enjoyed fried mac and cheese balls, brisket poutine, fried green tomatoes and pimento cheese dip.  I got the pork braise for dinner . . . tasty but too much sauce watering down my grits.  I'm serious about my grits so don't mess with them.  They offered a free dessert in honor of my birthday so I chose the lemon cheesecake . . . it was lovely.  

Spending time with friends makes me so happy . . . life is so much better with good friends by your side.  And my sweet friend Michelle, the cute little blonde above, got me the coolest gift . . . a "Ginger Snap" bracelet - have you heard of this?  
I LOVE the charms she picked out for me . . . so perfect!
You purchase a single piece of jewelry and then buy the charms that "snap" on and off to change the look.  It is freaking adorable and awesome and such a fun gift!  And you're welcome for sharing because now you know what to get your friend or relative for their next birthday!!! Here's to you Michelle . . .
I was looking for thoughtful friend quotes . . .
so this is what I settled on, because I'm so thoughtful.
My boys are heading off to scout camp next week . . . they will be gone for six nights sleeping in either hammocks or canvas tents.  Obviously we don't make them go, but they love it.  It's way harder on me than them.  

Every year I box them up a care package and send the Friday before so they will have it by Monday. I received instructions this year to focus on candy, snacks and maybe a ball but not to waste my money on other trinkets.  Fair enough I guess . . . we don't need any more crap around here since I keep trying to get rid of stuff.  In case you need ideas of what to put in a care package for boys heading off to camp, this is what's included in ours.  Obviously no chocolate because summer in Georgia.
Each boys gets his own box . . . basically the same stuff with different colors/flavors.
And last, but certainly not least, today . . . if you are so inclined, take a moment to watch this video.  
It was created by the Brain Aneurysm Foundation to honor the daughter of our friends, the Heltons.  At age 14, in July 2014, Ellie passed away from a brain aneurysm.  Our friends are trying to educate folks to save lives in the future.  More detailed information can be found at Brain Aneurysm Foundation website but some interesting facts include:
  • 1 in 50 people have an unruptured brain aneurysm
  • A brain aneurysm ruptures every 18 minutes
  • Brain aneurysms are most prevalent in people 35-60 and more likely in women  
  • Warning signs include, but are not limited to, localized headache, dilated pupils, blurred or double vision, pain above and behind the eye, weakness and numbness and difficulty speaking

Her parents have created the Ellie Helton Memorial 5K & Fun Run in her honor to support research about brain aneurysms.  If you are in the Raleigh, NC area, the race will be held on October 15th this year.  If not, you can "virtually" run and also donate.  Everyone has causes near and dear to them . . . just passing this along in case it sparks an interest in you.  

That's a wrap . . . I like doing these posts because they are just a hodge podge of things and thoughts that don't necessarily get remembered as life travels on . . . I don't want to forget all the little details that make up the big picture of life.  

Linking up because it's a fun way to share posts and meet new virtual friends.  Enjoy your weekend . . . make memories!
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  1. So many things to comment on! I hope you find the dog that fits right in. One day I will do that. Having a summer birthday is the worst, from what all of my summer baby friends and my sister say!

  2. Glad you linked up w/ that second blog - I'm joining in on the fun! Been looking for some new link ups, hoping to get some more people commenting b/c that makes blogging more fun, am I right? :)

    Yay for celebrating your birthday early and all month! What's the actual date?

    Love that bird feeder!!! But no no NO to a parrot or other indoor bird!!! I like mine out of doors. I bought the prettiest hummingbird feeder about a month ago in hopes it'd help keep the little fliers around all summer. I always get 3 in the fall, which I love, but they are elusive in my backyard during the summer months. My grandma, on the other hand, has them flocking to her feeders all summer! jealous!!!

    Pretty bracelet! I think you might like Keep Collective jewelry.

  3. Oh! And the GIF is hilarious!!! How do you find those?!?

  4. german shepherds are such brilliant, amazing dogs. we had one in my mom's old neighbourhood; his name was Trigger and he was such a great, well-behaved dog who let my crazy jack russell terrier climb all over him and Trigger didn't even bat an eye.

  5. can you send me that care package? lol
    i never judge people who get dogs from reputable breeders. i have a lot of thoughts on adopting pets and the people who rescue them but i won't talk about it here haha maybe email. my cats were all 'adopted' or rescued, but my dog at home was from a breeder. i think there are definitely horrible breeders out there who treat animals like crap, and i judge those of course. i think all dogs need a home no matter where they come from.
    anyway. rambling. i vote for the german shepherd. i love them!

  6. I go back and forth on getting a friend for Winston. I say get the dog you want! I personally would love another Plott Hound because his temperament is just so perfect for the kids. So I would definitely consider a breeder! Love that bracelet! Happy Bday! if you are lonely call me, I'll meet you for lunch or whatever!Not that place we went last time though, need drinks!

  7. That care package looks fabulous!!! I feel your struggle on the no chocolate thing, it has been hot hot hot down here!!!! I never, ever judge where people get their dogs. Mac is a hybrid because of Chris's allergies and Gracie was a "designer dog" but I felt I rescued her from a bad situation with her breeder because we think she had been abused before we got her. We keep going back and forth on whether to get Mac a new doggie friend since losing Gracie. He is super clingy and has a little separation anxiety now. Us leaving for a week on vacation didn't seem to help the situation either. Poor little guy! Our friends got a Boston and OMG he is the CUTEST darn puppy ever!!!! I grew up with a German Shepard to this day was probably one of the best dogs we ever had. He literally saved my life when I was little. So I have to say you cant go wrong with either!

  8. ooooh that dessert looks yum yum!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  9. There are few things I hate more than dicks who have something to say about getting a pure bred puppy. Stop it right now, I do not owe you my rescue history (and I have one). My mom has germans, they are too much for me. I love the Bostons.

    Hmmm I think you should send ME that care package. LOL