Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Somebody got a Frenectomy

Vacation is over . . . what a kick in the pants.
I need to recap our week of fun, but I'm still adjusting to the real world.  And nothing says back to reality like taking your child to have a "surgical procedure" on Monday.  Good times. 

Technically his procedure wasn't really a big deal, especially since I can currently hear him yelling at video games in the basement . . . with friends who slept over last night.  So yeah, he's fine.  But the thought of it was very hard on his mama.

What is a frenectomy you ask?  Well, here goes your medical lesson for today . . .

  • A frenectomy is simply the removal of frenum in the mouth.  A frenum is a muscular attachment between two tissues.  There are two frena (the plural form of frenum) in the mouth that can sometimes obstruct normal function and are candidates for frenectomies. These frena are called the lingual frenum, which connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth, and the maxillary labial frenum, which connects the inside of your upper lip to your gums just above your upper two front teeth.  Source
A graphic to further your frenectomy education.
How did I know he needed such a procedure?  Ryan's frenum above his front teeth kept getting irritated in his braces.  I mentioned it one time to the orthodontist, and he referred us to a periodontist.  While Ryan was "on the border" for being a candidate, the doctor felt like the benefits and ease of the procedure outweighed the potential problems later in life.  

Uh, what problems?  Apparently over time it could cause a gap to form between the two front teeth or pull the gums away from the teeth which causes major issues for an adult.  

So after asking Ryan what he thought, we agreed to have it done.  He's such a tough kid . . . he never appeared nervous and just accepted that it needed to happen.

I take him on Monday to the office, fill out all the paperwork, pay and then we wait.  He's a teen . . . not that chatty and not into me taking his picture.  Once they called him, I got up to go with them, but they told me I had to stay in the waiting room.  I freaked out internally for a second, but Ryan assured me he was fine.  Then I snapped a quick photo because . . . I don't really know why except he was leaving me.  
So I sit their waiting anxiously . . . fretting that I didn't take a picture inside his mouth.  Weird.  I know.  But I did hear an awesome song from back when I was in college . . . Sting's Englishman in New York.  
I had that CD.  Could I be more random here?  Songs make me remember moments in time so this song now has a new connotation.  Sitting in a dated (there was some serious mauve and powder blue) waiting room anxiously awaiting my kid.  
A nurse comes out and gives extensive instructions to another mother about her daughter so I listen intently. . . because I'm nosey.  Good thing because when our nurse brings Ryan back to me she says, "Well, all done.  I gave him the instructions while he was back there."  I just look at her like she'd lost her mind.  Seriously, he's 14.  But in reality, I knew he would tell me, and I had heard excessive details from the other nurse so I just left . . . with a bit of rage.  

I basically wanted to baby Ryan and take care of him, and he's all like, "I'm fine mom."  Somebody hold me.  My baby doesn't want or need me.  Here he is in the car on the way home.  
He set his phone timer and kept putting ice on and off for 20 minutes at a time.  He used my knee wrap to hold the ice around his head so he'd have two hands free for playing video games.  Rather ingenious I suppose.  He said it really didn't hurt, but I'm making him rinse with his prescription "magic mouth" wash a few times a day anyway.  Apparently the taste is nasty . . . oh well.

He has to keep the "bandage" in his mouth until our appointment next Tuesday.  So yeah, he gets to start high school like that.  You can't see it unless he smiles so I guess my first day pictures may be less than enthusiastic.  Thankfully he's doing great and it's over . . . time to enjoy the last week before school starts.  


  1. I would imagine I would be a bit of a mess over "simple procedures" for my child too. I mean, I get nervous with my dogs at the vet. Haha! Glad it all went well and the fact that he is acting like it's no big deal should make you feel like a proud mama :)

  2. He's taking care of his own biz, Mom! Seriously, that's great though. I'm glad it's over and done with for you both!

  3. Wait, hold up - you guys start school NEXT WEEK?!???!!!?? Hold ME! Agh, no way!

    Ok, back to the real reason for the post, ha ha! Glad it was a minor deal but I'd have been like you. I laughed at the picture of the chair and carpet -- who designs this crap? Hotel carpet in the hallways is always hideous and makes me just want to run from the place. Airplane upholstery does the same to me. :)

  4. while it's great that he's taking care of himself, it's also sad that they don't need us anymore! even at 8, kayla is all "I'm OK, mommy; don't worry about it".

  5. Awww... I know how you feel. It's weird when one day they are all just "I got this Mom". Glad he made it thru like a champ!

  6. Oh sweets, you know I relate all too much!!! So glad Ryan is ok and claiming his maturity, lol! What a great kid! I'll NEVER forget the first "I gift this mom!" Our youngest starts school next week too and Amy, send me some rum, lol, we take the first one to college next weekend, mama is a blubbering mess!!!! Hugs!!

  7. glad you got it taken care of now, and even better that he seems fine! Whew!

  8. I'm pretty sure this is how I was when I got my wisdom teeth out. A little more out of it. But, my mom just wanted to baby me & I wanted none of it. She tried to sleep in my room in case I needed anything. But she just snored & kept me from sleeping. Haha. So serious backfire there.

  9. oh my gosh! how terrifying. you learn something new everyday. i can't believe that nurse was just like i told him what to do. what the heck? good thing he's a good kid, at 14 my brothers would have totally forgotten everything the nurse said.
    i am a big ol wimp when it comes to dental work, and i don't have a mum in this country, so next time i need something done, you can come take care of me haha

  10. I'm a speech pathologist. I am VERY familiar with frenectomies of the lingual frenum (aka "tongue clipping") and vaguely familiar with frenectomy involving the lower labial frenum. I honestly don't think I've ever heard of this procedure being done on the upper labial frenum. Go figure! Hopefully this took care of the irritation he was experiencing.