Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Back to school!

Stop the madness . . . the first day of school here in Georgia was August 1st.  My babies are off to new adventures.

My Ryan is a freshman in high school . . . and I can't even believe I just typed that.  
It'll be fun to see how much both have grown at the end of the year!
He truly makes it all look so easy . . . he never waivers in his calm demeanor and quiet determination.  He's always had to pave his own way, considering he's the oldest.  He assures me he's "got this" which puts my heart at ease.  And the best part . . . he always does.  

He had his first Cross Country practice yesterday after school.  I picked him up hot and hungry. He came home, gulped down some snacks, showered, ate dinner and got right on his homework.  So very proud.  

I asked Kyle to watch the puppy while I took Ryan to school, since high school starts before middle school.  I got home, and Kyle says he got the best video ever.  He wasn't kidding.  I could watch this all day, every day and still laugh my booty off.  
I swear that Abby and Zeus get along.  He may have a little more energy in the morning that she does so she is not ready to play so early.  I mean for reals, at least let a girl have her coffee first.  

My Kyle had the easy first day of school this year . . . same school except now he's an upperclassman in the 8th grade.  However, he didn't make the easiest morning since I made him change his shirt three times, chased him down to brush his hair and forced him to eat something. Mean mom alert!  We chatted about it last night, and things were much easier today.  Thank you baby Jesus.  Gotta love that boy.
Too bad the sun was glaring in their faces . . . makes for an awkward look!
As for my Amanda, she was off to her first day of middle school in 6th grade.  She was so excited. She was bored of summer and ready to see her friends and finally be out of elementary school. She's so independent . . . I dropped them off, and she never looked back!

I'm happy to report everyone had awesome first days and left with smiles this morning.  I suspect everyone will be exhausted come Friday . . . including me!

I'm grateful my kids didn't want much as far as back to school purchases.  They were all fine with their old backpacks and lunchboxes.  However, everyone likes a new school sneaker.  Haircuts and shoe shopping make it feel like school is really happening.  Check out these swaggy new kicks. 
We tease Ryan about his '50 shades of gray' - the only color shoe he tolerates.
Kyle loves them bright . . . blue or yellow will do.
Amanda likes them girly.
Check.  Check.  And check.
I am ever so grateful that my friend Shelly has a back to school brunch every year on the first day of school.  Otherwise I'm pretty sure I would just come home and cry.  In fact, I've done that in years past so yeah, I look forward to this.  
Love, love, love these ladies!!  
She generously opens her home to everyone, and I get to see so many of my friends in one place . . . makes a girl happy!  Thank you Shelly for being such a rock star . . . and great friend!

Somebody also turned 14 weeks old yesterday and got another round of puppy shots!  That sweet, shy, timid little puppy has been replaced with a super fun, playful, ball of energy that likes to nibble, steal and stay close to his mama. 
My Petey doorstop is where I take his picture every Monday . . . one day I'm going to realize he's all grown up,
and I want to make sure I have lots of pictures!
I die of love for him.  Abby is doing just fine . . . she gets lots of love and more chew bones and walks thanks to the little guy.  He did awesome at the vet and charmed everyone since I carried him like he was a baby.  I didn't want him to touch the dirty vet floors until he has his last round of shots this month.   Hello crazy.  
He was 18.5 pounds and healthy!  He's tall and skinny with long legs.  We've noticed he is getting more tan and losing some of his black coloring.  We are trying hard to enforce the rules . . . not allowed on the couch and not sleeping in our bed.  He has discovered a loophole . . . he can hang out on our bed, but he has to sleep in his crate when it's lights off.  How can I resist this little nugget?  
He is so easy to put in his crate . . . we just tell him night night, and he sleeps in there all night long. He loses his mind with excitement when I get him out . . . he sometimes even wakes the kids up with his howls of joy.  Dogs are the best for being so happy to see you . . . they can make anyone feel good! 

Okay . . . off to mark some items off the to do list and tidy up this house!  Happy Tuesday everyone!



  1. back to school already!! wow. we start sept 6 so i have one more month of that blasted making lunches routine. the kiddies all look happy and ready to tackle the year.

  2. Here in Central Kansas, we don't start school until Aug 18. We are fixin to get the kiddos some new kicks this weekend. Who doesn't like a new pair of cool kicks? Happy school year to your kids!

    1. August 18th is a nice time - it's hot so playing outside is not fun - but it's not too early either! Everybody loves some new back to school shoes!!! Thank you and happy school year to you and yours as well!

  3. Oh girl, I'm not ready!! Our youngest starts his sophomore year tomorrow! The worst part is We take the oldest to college Sunday...no, no, no, this cannot be, I want to start over! Heck no, I don't, but this mama is a mess!! Can I come to your house for a back to school vacation??? Your kiddos and your pup......precious as can be!!

  4. School started back early for you guys!!! Alabama kids start next week. Goodness, freshman year. I was so terrified my first day of freshman year!! I love all of their new shoes and I just absolutely love that you guys have a brunch on the first day back!!! That is such a cool idea!!!!!!! I cant even handle those sleeping positions Zeus finds himself in. Hilarious!

  5. Good looking kids!! Yay for school starting, I am so ready!

    Remind me when I come visit to steer clear of Abby, yikes!! :) And Zeus officially weighs more than Tenley. ;)

  6. oh what a good idea for the back to school brunch! i'd probably cry a bunch.
    i love gray shoes haha but i like amanda's too!
    KC's back to school already, but the kids don't start till next week. Zeus sleeps like my cat Chelsea hahahaha hilarious!

  7. Your puppy is too darn cute. I wish your kids all the best during the school year. My oldest son also participates in Cross Country. My kids don't start school for another couple of weeks.

    1. You are so sweet - thank you!!! I love Cross Country for kids - such amazing exercise and a life long hobby!!! Enjoy your last few weeks of summer vaca!!!!

  8. First day of school already?!?!?!? Say what?! I love seeing these pictures and give me more puppy pictures! Melts my heart!

  9. Wow that's an early back to school! Hope they have a great year!

  10. Wow! Kids are going back to school already. Your two look darling! And that puppy is stealing my heart!

    1. You are a fellow dog lover . . . instant connection!!! Yes, we go back much earlier in the south but really it's okay because it's too hot outside to do anything else! We get nice breaks throughout the year - a week in Sept., a week at T'giving, 2 weeks at Christmas, a week in Feb and another week in April then out of school for summer in late May before Memorial Day! Happy Monday!! Glad you're back to blogging!

  11. Oh my gosh I can't believe school starts so early down there!! Oh my goodness - the pups are so stinking sweet! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  12. First day of school already!? That seems so early. I think schools here still have another few weeks before they start back.

    I love the idea of the first day brunch for all the Mommas, especially since you all just endured a whole summer of kiddos! Get your day drink on ladies!

  13. Aw!! I can;t believe school is in session already. Yikes! I'm all for Sept. That's a great idea for the brunch. I'd probably be crying, too! Awwww sweet pups! Swoon!

  14. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)