Monday, August 15, 2016

Catching up on things . . .

I can't say the weekend was much to write about so I thought I'd catch up on the happenings at the Getz homestead the past couple of weeks.  
Let's see . . . I'll start with the oldest.  He recovered like a boss from his frenectomy . . . he didn't use any pain meds and never complained about the bandage that had to stay wedged between his braces and top gum for 8 days.  He was happy to have it out though!
I cannot resist this kid . . . he is so smart and funny.  He has me cracking up on the regular!
Cross Country practice started the first day of school . . . they don't mess around in high school sports apparently.  I do love that he just stays after, and I go get him between 5 and 5:30 every day . . . we've never had that because our middle schools don't have sports teams.  

Any way, that kid comes home hungry, hot and tired.  He eats a snack, showers and then starts on homework until dinner.  His classes are no joke either . . . he's got Biotechnology, Geometry, Leadership and World Geography.  Yeah, hope he doesn't need any help with homework because I'm out.  
Time trials were this past week so we went to get some new running shoes, and I finally caved to the cross country spikes.  His school colors are orange and blue so these were perfect!  
Ryan never ask for anything . . . if he wants new shoes, he gets new shoes.
We were so proud of his showing at the time trials . . . he was the 15th boy to cross the finish line. Top 10 run varsity at the next race so 15th was pretty awesome for a freshman!  Why yes, I'm bragging on my kid, thank you very much!!!  
Don't you just love action photos? 
This munchkin . . . she has decided instead of horseback riding, she wants to do dance this year.  I am not a dance mom.  I encouraged her to try different sports, but she held firm to her wish to dance.  So, she's taking ballet, jazz and tap.  
While I'm not a dance mom, I used to want to take dance as a kid but never got the chance.  I'm glad she has the chance.
I suppose the good news is that it's all on the same day, and she has a friend in each class so if she's happy, I'm happy.  Oh, and she has to do her own hair bun . . . I'm also useless for that kind of mom task.  

I am a super proud mom and Girl Scout leader because all my (not so) little Junior scouts bridged up to Cadettes.  
The rainbow decor relates to themes of the Girl Scout sign and is used in bridging ceremonies.  Just FYI.  (Winky face)
I had nine girls earn the Bronze Award this past year which is the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn.  Amanda and I are entering our 7th year of Girl Scouts together.  I love that I now have 11 girls in my troop . . . especially during middle school years.  
This girl . . . always up for something new and fun!  
And I need to give a shout out to my awesome co-leaders, Lake and Stacey, and their daughters who have stuck with us for this amazing journey.  Plus Lake has mad cake making skills . . . I didn't have to pay a baker for this piece of art!!  Fabulous!
The icing cracked with the humidity . . . man it was HOT!
My Kyle . . . he is trying lacrosse this fall.  This gives me pause because seriously, that sport is rough.  He hasn't started yet so no craptastic action photos of him . . . yes, I'm aware I need to do a better job with my picture taking but well, I'm lazy.  Iphone camera for the win.  Ain't nobody got time to carry around a fancy camera.  
"Why are you taking a picture mom?"
Kyle's current claim to fame is Zeus' favorite litter mate.  He always holds Zeus on our rides to school since we are trying to get him used to the car.  But when Kyle gets home, game on.  That puppy sees Kyle and kicks it into high gear. 
I can't even with this picture . . . makes me all melty.
He chases, nips and tugs his clothes like a boss.  Kyle just laughs and keeps playing.  I keep trying to remind him that this may not be the best strategy for the future, but he's a rough and tumble boy playing with his dog . . . so I let it go.  Probably not my best mothering choice.  Speaking of bad moms . . . 
Take that Jessalyn!  (Inside joke)
I joined a fun group of ladies for a night out to enjoy the Bad Moms movie!  It is crass, completely inappropriate and hysterical.  So I totally recommend you go see it with friends!
Cheers . . . to bad moms who day drink while the kids are at school!
And I also condone day drinking with friends . . . as long as you're not driving and will be sober when the kids get home.  Technically I don't do this often, but once in awhile to celebrate a friend's birthday is okay.  Right?  Yes, that's what I'm telling myself!

I may actually need to start day drinking to deal with being a puppy owner.  Y'all, I forgot how much work this was.  I brought home this shy, quiet little puppy who has decided he would like to be the boss . . . of everybody.  Sir, no sir.  
Confession:  This was after the day drinking . . . the mid afternoon nap.  
I mean for reals, he is cute.  God knew that puppies would have to be cute, or they would get voted off the family island in a matter of time.  He is so bitey.  Gah.  

He loves to steal my dirty (eeewww) laundry and wrap himself all up in it . . . and then he rolls around happier than a clam.  
Some modesty, please.
For the record, that's just shorts and a t-shirt.
But then he sleeps so sweetly with me on the bed, and I forget his shortcomings.  Would you just look at him?
Stop with the arms . . . and the pointy nose . . . just all of it.  I can't stop.  Won't stop.
So we try to tire him out.  I'm a firm believer in that a naughty puppy is a bored puppy.  We have started walking around the block a few times a day.  Amanda had him running laps around a friend's backyard . . . to the point where he would nose dive in exhaustion.  So funny!
I know this phase won't last forever . . . at least that's what I tell myself at 6:30 in the morning . . . on a Saturday . . . when we are up playing together.  And then I say to myself, "I paid for this?"  Ha!

I feel like I need to redeem Abby's reputation after my last post and her rather 'toothy grin.'  She is an absolute sweetheart.  Well, to people.  She may try to eat small dogs for snacks, and she'd be like a dirty street fighter with any other dog.  But with people.  She's a lover.  And she really does like Zeus . . . most of the time.  Could they look any more different?  The ears . . . the midsections . . . the tails.  I heart them so much.
Does anyone else think Zeus looks like a cat?
Well, dogs and kids.  Kids and dogs.  That's my life.  Boring? Not to me because I know one day I WILL be bored and wishing I had kids and a puppy at home again.  
Linking up with Biana because it's more fun that way!  As we say, peace out Girl Scout.


  1. Your kids are so busy and they are kicking butt in everything!! I'm loving the way your pup sleeps - I mean seriously there is nothing sweeter than that!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. wait wait WAIT. there's now a course in school called BIOTECHNOLOGY?! as in shit like nanobots and bionic limbs and seven of nine?? <-- get that reference? LOL. that's so amazing; why couldn't they teach cool courses like that when I went to high school?!

  3. They sure are busy!! I grew up dancing and danced all through college, so I hope she loves her classes. Buns are easy -- you will figure it out!! :)

  4. Dogs and Kids make me happy!! I'll come help you chauffeur them around. The youngest gets picked up from football by Mr Nine so they can talk "ball". I need to drive someone around!! I was always in Scouts and loved it!! That picture of Kyle and Zeus melts my heart. AND let's talk about how pretty your eyes are...model gorgeous!! Puppy mama looking all sexy, lol. Love that pic. School year is off to a rockin start and Zeus is one week closer to being outta the puppy stage ;-)

  5. Good to hear of all the kids healthy, happy, and in pursuit of their chosen hobbies and sports!

    Love love love the puppy sleeping with his arms up photo and the two dogs from behind.

  6. Ahhhhhhh the puppy pictures! I can't handle the cuteness!!! Especially the kid and the pup....and the arms around his nose! STOP IT! Sounds like you have your hands full with all the sports this year! My sister has four kids and they all do at least one activity, a few of them do multiple ones. It is a wonder I ever see her!

  7. AS long as you're sober when the kids get home day drinking is a-okay in my book.

    I'm glad to hear good reviews about Bad Moms, I rarely splurge to see a movie in theaters, but I just may make an exception for this one.

    That pic of Zeus on the bed is beyond precious...and if it helps, when my dog was a puppy his favorite thing to do was find my dirty underwear and chew the crotch section out. Which, ewww. I still don't think he has grown out of it, I think I'm just better at sticking dirty underwear in places he won't find them.

  8. lol @ hoping he doesn't need any help with homework. thats what i am worried about with my future kids, good thing KC is crazy smart!
    i totally wanted to take dance when i was kid, but as an adult, i'm not mad i didn't, you know? i mean, i took ballet when i was like 5 but i got kicked out (or they very nicely asked/told my mum not to bring me back) but i don't think dance would have been my thing.
    Zeus definitely looks like a cat in that picture lol.
    and yes to being a puppy owner.. it's not the same, but i need like 10 years between my last kitten and my next one. she was more work than a newborn baby ;) my middle cat LOVES dirty laundry and rolling around in it. so weird!

  9. Awww, such a cute puppy. My son, who is a Senior this year, will be in Cross Country too. They start up later this week. I watched Bad Moms when it first came out. Loved it!

  10. OH MY GOODNESS!!! That picture of Zeus asleep on you. Oh lawdy, that is so adorable!
    Biotechnology?! What? His freshman year? That just sounds absurd. I would be no help with homework either.
    I missed my opportunity to be a dance mom. haha I danced until my last year of college.

  11. Great update on the kiddos, and the pup!! Aww, what a sweet pic of him next to your son. Swoon.

  12. I"m so glad you let Amanda join dance - I wanted to so badly as a kid and my parents refused, so sad! I still hold a grudge about that. :)

    WTG Ryan on the run! That's pretty awesome! And I love the orange shoes! Lacrosse - whoa! Can't wait to see those pics!

    Puppy Zeus, you sweetie pie! I love that he's Kyle's bud and that they wrestle around together, so sweet!

    Happy to see you, friend! Oh! And day drinking - why not? Ha ha!