Friday, September 16, 2016

Fall Goals . . . Let's Do This

Let's give it up for lists of things to accomplishment . . . they make me feel so organized and centered!  I'm setting some fall goals to hold myself accountable and to focus my efforts on things that are important to me.  
Life According to Steph
Here we go . . . 

1.  Have a fire pit night or two!  What the heck do I mean by this?  Well, we have a fire pit, fire wood and a back yard . . . why do we not sit out there and chillax with friends, s'mores and a beverage?  Beats me . . . it's on for fall!

2.  Visit a pumpkin patch and/or apple orchard!  My kids are pretty much too old for this "stuff," but I love it!  Plus, this is where memories are made so we are going somewhere in the next few weeks!

3.  Accomplish at least one house update!  Alas, we are not moving.  It seems like a great idea to start over in a new house but really, it's just more work so we are going to begin tackling our home update list.  Honestly I think the hardest part is just making phone calls to get quotes . . . time to get on it.  

4.  Figure out my decorating style!  This seems odd, but I feel like I need a style direction for our main floor as we start to make updates.  I don't have the gift of interior design . . . anyone want to offer their opinions?  I'm perusing websites like Pinterest and Houzz . . . it's all so overwhelming.

5.  Organize the storage room!  Eeewww.  This has to be done because I need to get to my fall decorations.  I know this task is worse in my head than actually doing it.  

6.  Reduce the 2nd digit by one in my 3 digit weight!  This is self explanatory (or did I make that confusing?) . . . and not easy as we enter the season of eating, but I'm going to try!

7.  Make the Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls to give away to friends!  I love to bake, and I love the smell of cinnamon!  These are so easy and delicious and the recipe makes a ton of them, thus the need to give them away.  I did this a few years ago and still chuckle at my Columbian friend Natalia's text to me about them . . . something along the lines of "there is excitement in the house . . . we've never had these before . . . how do we eat them?"  So funny!  Who needs some?  I even deliver!

8.  Start my oldest son's Scout scrapbook!  He will (fingers crossed) hopefully make Eagle Scout soon, and I want to have a scrapbook on display at his Eagle Court of Honor.  I suspect this will take way more time and effort than I want so it's best to get started now.  Anyone have pictures to send me of him from scouting trips and activities?!?  Help a sister out!

9.  Finish Christmas shopping by November 30th!  I don't want to be running around last minute and buy things just to check the box.  I've already started because I like to spread the expense over several months as well. 

10.  Get updated family pictures!  Last time we had them done was June 2014.  I need new ones that are better than school photos.  

11.  Find our wedding video and get it converted from VHS!  Yes, I am that old.  Getzy just randomly asked me where is was and suggested we get it converted so now I get to find it!  I'm sure it's somewhere safe and sound.  

12.  Test out as a handler with my Zeus!  My sweet little baby is leaving on Sunday for K-9 academy.  He will learn his stuff, and we have to learn his stuff.  And then we have to pass two tests as his handler before he can advance.  More to come on this in a later post.  

Whoa, that felt good.  I didn't really have much in mind, but then the juices started flowing and I decided a dozen was enough.  I'll check back on how I did when it's time to post winter goals. What are your fall goals?  Do share . . . because I'm nosey and like to know things! 


  1. I love your list! A good mix of fun and practical/productive things to do. I love love love decorating so feel free to throw some ideas my way. I help my SIL sometimes with her house. I still love walking around pumpkin patches. I was the chaperone for my nephews field trip to one last year. We had so much fun! I want to have my Christmas shopping done by beginning to late November. Since I am due December 2, I need to have that stuff bought and wrapped ahead of time or it might never happen lol.

  2. I think you need to build rooms around things you love. So I guess I'd be eclectic. If I love it, I'll make it work somewhere.

    I have zero ideas about Christmas this year.

    I am a huge supporter of family photos.

  3. YES to the pumpkin patch! although i don't like the hay ride, i do it and everything else because it's fun and kayla seems to like it a lot!

  4. Try the Homegoods quiz! It might not have every decor style on there, but it's fun and will get you started at least.

  5. i want cinnamon rolls please!
    i have found that rooms/houses i like looking at on pinterest are one thing, and what i want to live in is something different. i do like looking at simple, comfy, white decor, but that is not what i like my house to actually look at (plus i have 3 cats so LOL at white) i'm sorry you aren't moving :( good luck with the house updates!
    what? am i totally missing something with zues? i am behind because of my holiday, so forgive me if you've mentioned it. i know you said you'd update in a later post but hashtag lazy and impatient.
    i had all my christmas shopping done by october last year. i started in june or july if you can believe it. i haven't started this year but i really, really, really want to be done at the end of november. it is so stressful otherwise!

  6. Smores and firepits sound perfect!! I have a bunch of VHS tapes I want to transfer to DVD! I'd love to know who you use!!

  7. Did you sneak into my house and take a peek at my fall 16' list? LOL literally almost mirrors my goals for the fall. We have decided to stay put as well and are beginning some remodeling, I've already had two different contractors in for quotes with another coming this Friday. Kind of gives me something to do though with 2 of the boys being gone. That does it, despite temp at 86 right now, we are having us a fire tonight!!! Hope your weekend has been grand! xo

  8. Love the goals!! I love fall! It's my fave season!! I am working on #6 too!

  9. I found all our old family videos at my mom's house and had them all converted.. went the extra while and edited all the boring parts and the little video's I was left with.. priceless!
    I want to do an orchard too.. we missed out on it last year.

  10. Somewhere back in the summer I told Andy I wanted to celebrate the season's and holidays up right - the last few years have been super difficult and busy and crazy and baby's so we have some making up to do for the stuff we just didn't do b/c we were lazy/sad/exhausted/baby's. :) That's my Fall goals - do Fall stuff and make it feel like Fall for all of us. One thing on my to-do list, specifically, is to go for a pretty Fall drive to look at all the beautiful leaves and freshly combined fields. :)

    you have a great list! What's your first house update? ugh, I wish I had that decorator's sense!!! Oh, and i'll take a batch of those rolls! It's s/t I've wanted to do the last few years and haven't so maybe this is my year? :)

  11. Hope you get to do all of these!! this is the start of my favorite season!! xo, biana

  12. Yay for writing down goals! It makes it so much easier to come back to them & see how you did. I am all aboard the fire pit train. Sometimes we don't even make a big to-do, sometimes it's just the BF & I, we have tons of wood from old projects to burn, so we'll just light it up for a round or two of logs, and then let it die on its own when we're ready for bed, since it's contained we don't worry about burning the neighborhood down.

    I got you on that weight goal, girl, I'm working on doing the same. I've hit a wall of sorts, but my motivation has not waned so I'm back at it.

    And finally - congrats on your son for heading towards Eagle. My brother made Eagle and worked his butt off to make it happen. So I love that you want to get a jump on your scrapbooking game, 'cause that ain't no joke!

  13. I like how you worded your weight loss goal! I think I would like to visit an orchard myself. it's been years since I've been to one. So autumn-ish! Good luck with your goals! Have a good one!