Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday things . . .

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?  I always answer that question the same . . . give me the bad so I can get it over with and focus on the good.  

I won't be sad to see this week go for so many reasons.  Life can't always be about the peaks . . . sometimes you just have to trudge through the valleys, learn some things in the process and focus on the good things to come.  I would encourage folks to not to compare themselves or their lives to others because as we well know, all that glitters isn't gold.

On top of several trying situations this week, heaven gained a new angel . . . a beautiful soul left this earth much too soon.  As we all know, cancer sucks.  Fall break can't come soon enough.  
It's time to turn the frown upside down and recap a few life happenings of late.  

My son's high school cross country team hosts a 5K fun run as it's annual fundraiser.  Of course our family signs up to support the team, but as my alarm clocks goes off way too early on a Saturday, I always wonder what I was thinking.  But then you get there and the energy and excitement make it all so much fun, and I'm always thankful I signed up!

The team was instructed to just have fun and not run too fast so the folks in the community could qualify for the medals!  Apparently my son 'Facetimes' his cousin during the race, while on the trails, and I get a call later about how funny it was.  That kid . . . he does make us laugh all the time. And as you know, laughter is so good for the soul.  
This picture makes my heart happy for a bunch of reasons.  One, we're all together for a race . . . how cool is that?  Two, Getzy won 2nd place for his age group.  That dude is fast.  He hasn't trained lately but still killed it.  Three, Amanda won for her age group and even did an additional 1K after completing the 5K . . . and her sport is currently dance.  Get it girl.  Four, this is the first picture where I see how fast Kyle is gaining on me and just how much taller Ryan is than me.  They are still sweet little boys in my head though.

And speaking of sweet fellows, I was so proud of our friends for also earning medals in their age group!  Winning medals sure makes for a more fun race experience!
Up next, my Amanda has complained to me a few times in recent weeks that she's having a hard time seeing the board at school.  Like the good mother that I am, I ignore it the first couple of times thinking maybe it's a fluke.  In my head I just took her to the eye doctor.  So I tell her that I'll call, but if she's been seen in the last year, we weren't going.  Yeah, it was September 2013.  Mom game is strong here.
Isn't that air puff the worst?
So I promptly make an appointment for her, and I'm sure you can guess that she does, in fact, need glasses.  Apparently she has a very common condition called Latent Hyperopia where her eyes constantly go in and out of focus.  This also explains why she doesn't enjoy reading as much as she used to . . . it wears her brain out to try and focus on the page.  

Her prescription is light so the doctor recommended she try 1.25+ reading glasses to see if they helped.  They do so we will get child size glasses made, but she does look pretty cute in her specs . . . as seen in the picture below!  
This picture makes me happy and sad . . . this was the morning Zeus left for K-9 Academy.  Some folks are wondering about this . . . why we chose this route for him.

We knew if we welcomed a German Shepherd into our family that he was going to get formal training.  Sure, I can teach him to sit and down and other basic commands, but I want more for him than just the basics.  I want him to have the best life possible so making sure he is well trained ensures that.  I want him to be able to go where we go and join us on family outings without fear of his behavior.  

Let's face it . . . there is a stigma associated with big dogs, GSDs specifically.  I didn't quite realize how scared some people were of them until I had one of my own.  I'm way more scared of a Dachshund than a GSD, just saying.  

So he is at "away camp," as we like to call it, for immersion training . . . then he comes home.  We are trained to be his handlers, and we will be tested twice with him before he receives his certificate and can move on to Advanced and Elite training.  He is learning voice and hand commands, which is pretty cool.  And no, this is not protection training . . . that's a whole different level.  

I miss him terribly and cannot wait for him to be done . . . he has a Flickr page that I stalk every hour.  I also have called several times to check in on him.  There are approximately 10 shepherds there this week so he is in good company and having a blast!  

A because I can't stop, won't stop . . . here are a few cute pics of my handsome boy!!! 
I love you Abby!  Do you love me?
I love you too mom!  Am I too close?
Fine . . . I'll sit over here.
Keeping an eye his boy Kyle . . . look at how the color of his coat is changing?
That last one makes me giggle because there is my Kyle playing lacrosse . . . he's the kid right between his ears with the bight blue shorts!  

It kills me I don't have a better lacrosse picture . . . next practice!  I'm so proud of Kyle for trying a new skill . . . that's not easy when you're almost in high school.  I predict he will go back to running, but we shall see!

My handsome boy did get some new hardware this week . . . braces . . . the teenage rite of passage. Here's his before and after smiles!
I just love this kid's freckles!
I know they've been hurting him, but he's powering through!  Hopefully they will only be on for about 18 months . . . not too bad!

At our last Girl Scout meeting, we were working on a badge but I needed to fill some extra time.  I thought it would be a good idea to make sure each girl knew how to cook an egg . . . learning life skills is important.  
Egg-celent job!
We had several activities going so one by one I called each girl over and taught them how to make a scrambled or fried egg, their choice.  The coolest part is that every day since, Amanda has not only made herself an egg for breakfast, she's offered to make them for the rest of us.  As I told my Girl Scouts . . . eggs are cheap, and you'll never go hungry if you know how to cook an egg!

Well, that's it for this Friday . . . I sure hope you have a good one . . . I've never been so happy to say cheers to the freaking weekend!

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  1. Well, you tell Amanda to get over here and cook me a fried egg sandwich! You know how much I love to cook but for some odd reason I am not the best egg maker! I hope camp goes good for Zeus! I am so sorry it was a bad week, cancer sucks! I did get a big smile on my face when I saw the five of you, I'll bet those boys are going to surpass you like crazy mama. That's right, cheers to the freaking weekend and I toast you my friend, I know that next week is going to be way better!

  2. LIfe skills are so important! Especially egg making.

    Sorry for your loss. Cancer is terrible.

  3. Kudos to you for being a responsible dog owner. All too often, people get big dogs and don't take any initiative to train them/get them trained properly. I am one of those individuals who is always leery of big dogs. I love how Zeus' ears are so big right now. He hasn't grown in to them yet! Very cute!

    Very sorry for you loss. I agree with Steph above, cancer is terrible.

  4. sorry for your loss :( FUCK CANCER.

    ahhhh braces! i had braces for nearly 4 years and they hurt like a mofo every time they tightened them so good that he only has them for 18months.

  5. Sorry for your loss :(
    I think that's great for the dog training.
    Kudos to everything going on with the kids!

  6. Sorry for your loss, cancer sucks!!!! I think it is great that you are sending Zeus to training or "camp" hehe! Hes such a cute boy, so he deserves to be immersed in everything and well behaved so there are no worries. The kiddos did good at the 5k! That is so awesome!

  7. Cancer does indeed suck. I know this well.
    "Mom game is strong" made me giggle.
    I want to cuddle up with that sweet fur baby, not be scared of it.

  8. Cancer sucks. I hope you've had a better week so far this week.

    Mom game strong. Hey, can't nail it all. She might not be able to see, but girl can sure flip an egg with the best of 'em. Cooking is such an important skill. I loooooved my moms fried egg sandwiches growing up. I didn't know this until a year or two ago, but she used to put a thin spread of mayonnaise on the bread + s&p & it kept everything from being dry. So good. I still can't make them quite like she can.

  9. i am so sorry for your loss hun. big hugs xxx

    seriously though i wish someone had taught me how to cook an egg!! i can make scrambled, but not fried or boiled. i'm hopeless.

    i am terrified of Dachshunds. KC had two as a teenager/young adult, and one is still alive and lives with his mom.. KC wanted me to bring one of my cats out one day to introduce them, to see if Ike could deal, well I am 5'9 and I was holding Chelsea against my chest, and Ike jumped up and bit her. She is the best most fun loving cat, and this dog jumped like 5 feet in the air and took a chunk of hair. We were lucky he's stupid and didn't realise she's mostly hair and didn't hurt her. I was so sad. What an evil dog, seriously. He's like that all the time. I've never met a mean/angry german shepherd, unless of course he was guarding something or being a police dog, in which case totally understandable.

    love the new glasses! i think i have the same thing as Amanda does lol. i haven't been to the eye doctor since January 2012. Ooops!

  10. Sorry for your loss. You're right, cancer does suck. Congrats on the medal winnings at the race. You have a good-looking dog.

  11. I'm very sorry for your loss...thinking of you!! My parents had a German Sheppard when i was a baby and then my aunt had one too...I love them!! Ahhh braces are never fun, but the end result is!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  12. First of all, so sorry about your sad news... so hard to lose someone. You certainly have a lot going on at your house between braces, meets, and glasses! Never a dull moment! Your daughter looks darling in her glasses. Have a great week.

  13. So sorry to hear about your loss. Thinking of you during this difficult time!!