Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Three Things I Can't Live Without

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It goes without saying that I can't live without my family, my friends and my dogs.  Those are obvious and boring so let's go with a more light-hearted approach.  


Lip Balm . . . I am addicted.  Specifically to this one . . . it's my absolute favorite although any Burt's Bees 'flavor' will do.  
Image result for burt's bees menthol lip balm review

I know they, whoever, "they" are, say that lip balm is addicting and you know what?  That is absolutely correct.  

I have them stashed every where . . . in my car, in my purse, in my wallet, in my nightstand, in my desk, in Getzy's desk . . . any where that is convenient because I need it all the time.  I can't sleep unless I put it on either.  

Getzy ususally hooks me up with a bunch in my stocking at Christmas so there is no fear I'll run out.  In fact, Amanda just bought a two pack and gave me one as a surprise!  I was legit excited!!  


Amazon Prime . . . it is the best thing in the history of ever.  I fought the good fight and didn't get this for awhile because I thought the $99 annual fee was stupid.  But I promise you . . . it's worth every penny.  I was stupid for doubting them.
Sometimes you order stuff, and it will show up THAT day.  It is some serious voodoo magic.  Lots of times I'll be out shopping and will look up the Amazon price as compared to the store price. Many a time I have 'proceeded to checkout' while staring at an item on the shelf because the Amazon price was cheaper, and I know I'll have it within a day or so.  

I have been know to loan out my prime privileges to others, kind of like a public service because I'm a giver.  Also because I feel sorry for you for not having Prime.  

Honestly I think it saves me money because if a kid needs something like shampoo, I'll just hit up Amazon . . . click boom and it's on the way.  If I go to Target, I'll saunter the aisles and the most random, unnecessary shit will end up in my cart.  On accident.  So yeah, love me some Prime.  


Sunglasses . . . these are also a real problem.  I have to have them in my car, in my purse, in our other cars and in the house for when I have to take the dog out.  
I usually have a pair on my head and then will panic looking for them.  Sometimes I have a pair on my head and a pair on my face.  Guess it's good to have a back up.  

I have light eyes so the optometrist says we have to be extra careful because we have less protective melanin pigments.  So basically I have a professional telling me to buy fancy sunglasses.  That may be slightly interpretive, but I am careful to follow doctor's orders, obviously.

I'm supposed to only do three but I feel a few things deserve honorable mentions . . .

Sunscreen - the higher the SPF, the better
Epsom Salt baths - nothing is more relaxing
Coffee - duh
Eye cream - nobody's got time for wrinkles
Margaritas - self explanatory
My Kindle - reading anywhere, night or day
The Internet - because I remember encyclopedias and actual maps

What about you?  Got any must haves that I need to get in on?  Tell me all the things!



  1. I am addicted to chap stick and lip gloss as well and hoard them everywhere, as one does. And sunglasses, yes!!!I always have a pair on me. Always. My eyes are hella sensitive to light so even if it is cloudy I am wearing a pair.

  2. i used to be addicted to lip balm until i switched to one that works for me so now i only use when i feel the need to. i can't live without my argan oil or face serums; also can't live without my phone, planner, muay thai!

  3. We are SO soul sisters! Love me some chapstick!!! It's in all my 'spots' too! And I cannot step outside w/o sunglasses on - my eyes are so sensitive! I feel sorry for my kids when we step outside and i"m totally blinded and put on my glasses but they are walking around w/o any.

    I have not gotten on the Prime bandwagon yet - I've considered it many times but that $99 stops me! Am I really going to save that much money to make it worth it?? Ugh, the agony of the decision! LOL! I'm holding out to see if they offer the $69 deal again this Fall. If so I'll sign up then. :)

  4. Oh yes, Amazon Prime. It's our must-have. Truly. When in doubt, I order from there! It might actually be a disease haha

  5. I love that you did honorable mentions too! Oh that Amazon prime, best thing ever oh my mom and needs something fast! Yep, I often am sporting 2 pair and just when I think I've lost a pair, they are on Said head or one time, the crisper in the fridge, lol. Sometimes I still have them On at the football games loooong after the sun has gone down, lol Cool mom yay, lol!!

  6. Prime is the best money I've ever spent. It keeps us from having to go to Walmart! Need paper towels? Prime. Light bulbs? Prime. And like you said, packages arrive so quickly! It's the best thing ever.

  7. Excluding friends, family, and fur babies...okay...top of head: 3 things that I can't live without: books, Bon Jovi, comfy blankets. I enjoyed that you included honorable mentions as well :) Good list!

  8. Amazon prime is the best!! And I'm the same way about sunglasses. I have them everywhere. No more wrinkles around my eyes, kthnx