Thursday, September 1, 2016

What's New with You?

Today is September first . . . break out all the fall things and color me excited!  
From now until Christmas day is my absolute most favorite time of the year.  I'm ready for cooler temperatures which means jeans to cover my 'never will be tan' legs, scarves to hide a few extra rolls and wrinkles, and the chance to wear my new booties and feel trendy even though I'm not . . . huh, these reasons seem a little suspect.  I am also excited for warm fires, snuggling under blankets, decorating for the holidays, all the cinnamon things and a lower electric bill.  There, that's better.  

We made it through the first month of school . . . I think we all deserve some sort of award.  

Ryan got to enjoy his first high school football games where he sat in the student section, and he did great in his first Cross Country race.  
Amanda had fun at her first school dance with her friends . . . mostly the 6th graders ran around like it was PE.  By the way, I love those girls with her . . . such great friends.  She asked me not to post these because the pictures weren't clear but it's all I have, and she'll appreciate it when she's older.  Oh, and don't give me sass when I ask for another photo . . . there's that.  
And Kyle is rocking all his classes with one exception . . . he's the lucky recipient of a Spanish tutor. I didn't get a picture of that but this pretty much sums him up.
My boys had their scout Court of Honor recently and earned some more merit badges.  I get oddly excited looking at their sash full of badges . . . they, however, could give a rat.  They kind of look like yahoos here . . . it is what it is.  I will say I about lost my mind on those scouts who couldn't sit still and shut up during the giving out of awards.  I threatened my children so they kept it together . . . I made angry mom eyes at several others.  
Getzy and I had a little getaway this past weekend!  I'm waiting on some pictures before I post about our shenanigans, but here's a clue!
I bit the bullet and paid off my car recently.  I can't stand debt, being the former accountant that I am, so the car payment had to go.  
Which doesn't exactly coincide with my itch to move to a bigger and more upgraded home.  Of course the kids ask that we stay in our same community so that rules out new construction.  We need to upgrade our house because we've been here 17 years, but it seems the bigger, more expensive, houses need those same upgrades since they were built around the same time as ours.  
So should we spend for a bigger home and then still have to make upgrades or just make the upgrades on this home and keep the smallish mortgage?  Should I mention that this is our first home? I'm worried I'm being a fool . . . someone rational talk me down from the ledge.  I think I just want a change . . . maybe the upgrades will be enough without the hassle of a move.  Give me some advice.

So my friend Summer sent this key chain to me because as a fellow Jeep owner, she knew I needed it.  She was correct, obvs.  Thank you my friend!
Speaking of Jeep owners, somebody recently got asked if her Jeep wave photo could be used in an online parts store blog (points thumbs back at self with a smug face and attitude). Now, this may not be that exciting to you, but I'll take my wins when I get them.  He also told me that my Jeep wave was perfectly executed, thank you very much.  Check out the photo credits!   Baller.
Have you seen the trailer for the upcoming movie A Dog's Purpose?  I cried while I watched the trailer and for about 15 minutes afterwards.  I will need a full box of tissues to take to the movies, but I just have to see it.  
So obviously this movie has my name written all over it.  The second dog shown is a German Shepherd.  Gah, I die of love.  This not so little guy turned 4 months old on August 25th.  Yes, he will grow into his ears.  
Getzy has been out of town the past couple of nights so a certain cute puppy "accidentally" slept in the bed with his mama.  I swore I wasn't going to let another dog sleep in the bed, but honestly it was just fine.  He slept at the foot of the bed and didn't care to get under the covers.  He never once woke me up.  Getzy got home late last night from his trip and joined us . . . didn't bother him either.  
I suppose the potential problem is that he's only about 30 pounds right now . . . may be a different sleep story when he's pushing 100 pounds.  But he's just so darn cute.

Speaking of cute, this blonde bombshell just got told she was fat, by a professional.  #rude
She's been limping a bit lately, and I feel like her belly and haunches seemed bigger than usual. She had me all worried so I took her to the vet.  She got a thorough pat down and while she has a bum knee, nothing major to report.  Her official diagnosis, as written on her check out form:  Obesity. We left with a prescription for diet dog food.  Listen Abby, I feel you girl.  I should join you on the diet.  Maybe on Monday.  Winky face.  

Well, that's a life lately post . . . seems that's all I can get done these days.  I'm wise enough to know that the small stuff really is the big stuff so I'll just keep counting my blessings over here!  

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  1. if you love the area and your kids love it, reno for sure. it'll increase the resale value anyway and will definitely renew your love for your home.

  2. Whoop whoop my girl is back in da blog house, lol!! So happy to see the gang all doing great!! Ahh wish we could decorate together, I'll come help you decorate your house and you can come help me with my house...yay FALL!! We used to have a Jeep Rubi soft top and I miss it the keychain and my Mr. Still sometimes does the jeep wave while not in a jeep, lol. Pups and Babes all cute as can be and I'm excited to see what you and Getzy got into you crazy cats!!

  3. LOL Maybe on Monday. I mean, who can start a diet any other day? Not me!!! Look at you guys getting settled in to the new school year all nice and cozy. I am so ready for some cooler weather! It has gotten ridiculous around here lately. As far as the house situation goes, I feel you. Chris and I were thinking about looking at houses last year and we were like well lets wait until spring. And then I got pregnant and we decided to wait until after baby. And now I am like....oh man we are going to have to move with a third person now that we are waiting! Haha! Our house just isn't big enough for what we want. Its not that there aren't enough rooms, its just that with baby it really changes things up. And our living room is too small for her to play in. My advice is that if you like your floor plan and the rooms are fine, stay and upgrade. If at the end of the day it looks like HGTV up in your joint and you still dont think you are going to have enough actual room...move!

    Those ears. They are so cute! I can't even watch that preview, I will be ugly crying. No one wants to see that.

  4. oh man i don't know about moving/newer/updating. i guess look at the pros and cons, the prices and if it would be worth it? i mean if you love the area, that's really the most important thing, you can build the fanciest house but if it's in a crappy area, boo. we love our house, hate the area. if we could pick up the house and plop it down in the perfect area (and add a garage lol) we'd be perfect! congrats on paying the car off!
    poor abby. this is why i don't go to professionals who might tell me i'm fat. hahaha.

  5. I am so dang excited for fall!! My fave season! Woo hoo! Congrats to the kids. I remember my first dance. It was mostly me sitting there staring, hehe. have a great labor day weekend!

  6. I would always choose to upgrade over move. You can change so much where you are, especially if you have to upgrade anyway elsewhere!

  7. I think you should stay in your current house, do the updates, then when the kids move out build a new house wherever you please. :)

    Yay yay yay for Fall!!! I thought I'd get the decorations out but haven't found time yet - #pottytraining #Ihateit #he'sdoingalrightsowhyamisofreakedoutaboutit? :) :) :)

    Fat doggie? She doesn't look fat to me! Who's your jerk vet? Do I need to come down there and ream him/her out? 'Cuz I will! Ha ha!

    Love the dance pictures! Gah, takes me back. All of my first year of dances I wanted to dance with a boy but was too chicken to ask so at our last dance of the year (7th grade) my friend grabbed a random boy walking by and asked him to slow dance w/ me. How embarrassing!!! He was the boy who's cute butt I used to pinch in 1st grade!!! Oh the memories...

    Happy 3 day weekend!

  8. My mom and I already have plans to see A Dog's Purpose! It looks SO great :) I love the jeep mom used to have a Wrangler and that's the car I learned to drive in, so it was always so much fun! Congrats on paying it off too :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  9. I would like to say that this blog really convinced me to do it! Thanks, very good post.