Monday, October 31, 2016

Life Lately!

Whoops . . . it's been a hot minute.  I am consumed with house updates over here . . . and my life motto of go big or go home is in full swing.  Normal folks would tackle maybe one room, but I figured after 17 years, the whole main floor needed some love.  The multitude of decisions are killing me . . . I had no idea how many choices every thing would require.  My brain is on overload, thus my absence.  But the house updates are a post for another day . . . when it's finished.  Let's just recap what's been going on since my last post!

Well, a week at the beach was a much needed respite from the day to day hustle and bustle.  I literally sat in the sand with some good music, great friends and a cold drink.  Not even kidding . . . I haven't pressed that much ass since I don't know when.  It was glorious!  Everyone got along swimmingly (see what I did there?) and no major sunburns so I was happy!  Here's a sample of the starring roles . . . I need to do a recap soon because I want to have the memories documented!
Admittedly these are sucky photos . . . it is what it is.
How about my Kyle suited up for his first lacrosse game?  I die of love for this kid trying a new sport in the 8th grade.  He actually loved participating in the game, more so than the routine drills of practice!  
His best bud Trenton has been playing for years!  He was so much fun to watch . . . he has some mad skills!  I had no idea how rough lacrosse was . . . until my baby was out there getting whacked with the stick and pushed to the ground.  
Funny story on the car ride home . . . there were complaints that the refs favored the other team and called too many penalties on our team.  I mentioned that a kid got a penalty for shoving Kyle though the air, and Kyle starts to giggle and says, "I deserved it . . . I was talking a bunch of trash to him."  That kid.   

"That kid" also had his first band concert of the year and looked so handsome in his formal clothes. Kyle is my kid who would wear work out shorts and t-shirts all the live long day if we let him, which we don't.  So to see him so spiffy, we were all just in amazement!  
Miss Amanda has been overcoming her boredom lately by looking for things to do on Pinterest. The boys are happy to play video games to pass the time, but Amanda needs more hands on activities!  She calls it "making experiments" . . . all I know is I've had to buy lots of cornstarch, flour and cream of tarter lately.  Here's her rainbow of play dough!
And I found this when I went to make some eggs . . . it put a smile on my face for sure.  
It's high school homecoming season so of course I was after Ryan to find out if he was taking a date.  In the end, he decided to just go with friends.  Alrighty then . . . cheaper and easier.  The only thing he requested were some khaki pants so that made shopping easy this year.  I am 100% biased, but he sure did look handsome (notice the braces).
I also can't believe that kid is a freshman in high school and just turned 15 . . . what I wouldn't give to go back to when he was little and hold him one more time.  Without a doubt he is the easiest kid on the planet.  He doesn't like to draw attention to himself and really doesn't ask for much.  I found him a few cool presents that seemed to make him happy, although a gaming computer would have been top on his list.  Uh, nope . . . too expensive when he already has a working laptop.  (Now notice the teeth . . . braces came off recently which is the best 15th birthday present of all!)
Poor kid just walked in the door from Cross Country practice,
 and I jump on him to open his presents!!!
We went out to dinner to celebrate with friends and luckily Granny was here visiting too!  
And my yahoo friends can't help but get in the picture!  Their photo bomb obviously cracked my mom up!
Granny and I coerced Amanda into going antique shopping . . . I promised lunch out since Target is more her style.  I get it though.  My mom dragged me to flea markets all the time when I was a kid, and I'm only now deciding I prefer antiques to the new crap that's not as well made.  My mom doesn't even know what to do with me now that I'm the one taking her to antique stores!
Moving onto my fur babies . . . Zeus completed his training and came home from away camp!  Isn't he so pretty?
He's lucky he's so handsome because he's a lot of work.  Like "who's bright idea was it to get a GSD puppy" work.  He's amazing on a leash . . . he literally goes everywhere with me.  He's been to outdoor restaurants, several stores and lots of training walks.  He even napped while I made some Best Buy purchases!
But he is not a fan of people coming to his house.  Note I said "his" house because he's pretty sure he owns it.  Just ask the contractors I've had around this week.  Let's just say I don't need any other sort of security system.  

He is basically a toddler and Abby would rather not deal with him, but they get along most of the time.  Here's proof!
I guess that sums it up for now . . . wish I had more time to sit down and write . . . these kids and dogs are keeping me on my toes!  

Happy Halloween and hope you have a fun and safe evening!