Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Things!

1. My mama heart might just explode with pride . . . this kid.  He is so awesome.  
He got new glasses this week . . . he said he wore them to look smarter!  Nice!
He completed his Eagle Scout Board of Review on Tuesday night and as soon as the paperwork is processed, he will be an official Eagle Scout!  
Can we talk about how much taller Ryan has gotten in the last 3 years ?
I'm wearing flats in both pictures!  Wow!
I now understand why the rank of Eagle Scout is so revered . . . it's a heck of a lot of work, time and effort.  For the Boy Scout and the parents . . . who do you think drove him to everything and paid for all the "fun?"  

2.  I had a physical this week.  I'm sad to say it's been probably 3-4 years since my last one . . . mostly because I didn't like the doctor's office, which I know is a super lame excuse.  Seriously though, you have to find a practice you like, and I think I found a winner . . . I even scheduled next year's physical!  Boom! 
Not my finest picture . . . it was a crazy windy day!
I say it's better to know so it's time to face the music, whatever that may be.  They took 7 vials of blood so I guess we shall see what happens!  

3.  Anybody else out there doing Weight Watchers?  It's really the only program that works for me . . . when I actually follow it.  
Let me tell you that getting and keeping weight off after 40 is no joke so several of my friends and I make social hour out of the meeting.  Dieting (or a healthy lifestyle, as we should say) is best served with others!

4.  I always thought it was cheating to make "fake" mashed potatoes.   So basically we never have them because it's a pain in the rear to peel and boil actual potatoes and let's face it, we all know they aren't the healthiest choice.  
Amanda loves mashed potatoes so I got these and tried them last night . . . whoa, mind blown.  It's like 2 minutes to tasty mashed potatoes.  And for the judgy, they were 4 WW points! 

5.  I'm going to continue to chat about Zeus like business as usual until he leaves for bigger and better things.  There are so many things I will miss about him . . . but not necessarily these things!
Actually I tend to find this stuff funny because he's just a puppy, and if he messes something up then it's our fault for not keeping an eye on him.

No, he's not supposed to be in the chair, so I keep towels on it for when he opens the back door himself and let's his dirty feet back in the house.  If I have anyone over, I'm very careful to double lock the doors, but if it's just me, then I don't bother.  Apparently I need to start because I put him out while I was taking a shower this week.  Well, mid-shower he zips through the bathroom with dirt on his face.   He not only opened the back door, he also opened the door to the garage looking for me.  You gotta high five him for being so clever though!

Well, that's what I know this week . . . cheers to the weekend everyone!


  1. actually, real potatoes are a great choice! like the avocado, the potato has gotten a bad rap. they are whole carbs that your body responds well to (giving you plenty of energy) and a good source of protein. i eat potatoes all the time with no adverse impacts to my weight etc so eat those potatoes! and with everything, it's all about balance :)

  2. Where is Zeus going? Puppies...messs!

    I love potatoes.

    Congratulations to your son, that is a tremendous achievement!

  3. i have never had a physical in this country, so... 5 years? same reason, i hate the doctors office. but any office haha. i've booked a couple and i always cancel them. i really should get over it and just do it.
    i love potatoes. healthiest smealthiest. i think it's what you put on them that is worse haha. like bacon, cheese etc. i just have sour cream & chives. and okay a bit of butter. but i'm talking about baked potatoes not mashed potatoes, which by the by, i cannot make. fake mashed potatoes are the only kind in my house.
    oh Zeus. what a mess!

  4. Potatoes are my favorite vegetable. I've never met one I didn't like. I rarely make mashed potatoes, usually opt for baked or roasted because they're easy but mmmmm!!!! Zeus is still handsome, even if he is a mess. Congrats to your tall man there. Funny how they grow and one day you're scratching your head saying WTF?!? When did this happen. WW is something I seriously need to do. I just hate tracking. Which is my problem lol

  5. Is Zeus leaving you??? You have no idea how happy I was when i saw this post in my blog feed!!! Boy oh boy have I missed you! And are you serious, those first pics are only 3 years apart and Ryan grew that much in those 3 years????? I'm not going to lie, that made my momma heart panic. That's craziness right there!!!

  6. Love the update! WOW at his badges(?)!! Congrats on making Eagle Scout!! That's awesome! I'm doing Jenny Craig but have done WW in the past. Glad you have something that works for you. Aw, Zeus! He's grown so much!