Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Things . . . Easter Decorations!

It's Good Friday . . . and everyone said amen!  
I'm looking forward to the Easter service at church, baking a ham (even though Getzy would rather have anything but that), and watching the kids get excited about Easter morning.  

I thought it'd be fun to share my favorite Easter decorations for my favorites this Friday!  I love to decorate for the holidays and hope my kids will have fond memories of me overdoing it when they are adults.  

Apparently I thought it was time to upgrade because when I got the box of decorations out, it was rather slim pickings.  Don't fret, I shopped for some cute new lambs, bunnies and chicks!  Here we go . . .
Stop it . . . are these not the cutest little burlap bunnies?  They sit in the kitchen window and empathize with me as I do the dishes.
Look, it's a mama and a baby.  How come no one ever says it's a daddy and a baby?  Speaking of babies, that's our engagement photo in the background . . . I calculate that was 19 years ago.  Geez, we are old.
My mama said I needed some chicks in my Easter decor because that's what she remembers about Easter when she was a little girl in the 1940's.  She has vivid memories of walking by the drug store window and seeing live chicks dyed bright colors (pink, blue or green).  Her mother would buy her one every year, and she would take it home in a cardboard box.  She said they would put it in the backyard, and it would be there a few weeks before it died (gasp!) or magically disappeared (her parents gave it away).  Can you just imagine?  Oh, how times have changed.  
This is the foyer . . . one of my most favorite spots in the house.  I just think it's so welcoming and cozy.  It was also the first area I decorated in the redo, and I was so proud of myself!  I've spruced it up a bit for Easter!
I just love lambs because they make me think of my Kyle . . . his "lovies" from when his was little are two identical lambs.  Now everybody say "awww!"
It really does make my heart go all melty when I think about lambs and Jesus being the lamb of God . . . what a beautiful association.  
Easter is the perfect time to show off our lamb collection, and we have acquired a lot over the years. 
But who can resist a cotton tail?  Or a snow (glitter) globe?  
This one plays the Easter parade song which makes me happy, especially since Zeus ripped the guts out of another bunny I had that played that song.  Is it me, or do those bunnies look kinda creepy now that I've gotten a close up of them?
But the piece de resistance (say it with a French accent), you know that one item that makes you most excited, is my new mantel drape from Pier 1 . . . and all the angels sang.  Isn't it simply the cutest?  It totally goes with my new decor and makes me happy!  
I also love these adorable bunnies . . . and if I can, I tend to buy things in 3's so each kid can have their own one day.  

Okay, that's enough . . . I'm sure this is on the verge of annoying so I'll sign off and wish you all a blessed and content Easter weekend!

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  1. I love all of your stuff, but the mantel drape and chicks are my favorite!

    Happy Easter!

  2. I just love all your Easter decor!!! The burlap bunnies and chicks are my favorites. Your foyer does look very cozy. Happy Easter!!!

  3. Whaaat, how did I not know you are back at blogging. I check randomly but hadn't seen much activity and knew you were busy with this sweet thing called life!! Love your bunnies, Love your chicks, Love your pics...LOVE YOU!! Happy Easter to your and your beautiful family sweet friend!!

  4. You go all out. I love it! I think the glitter globe was my favorite.

  5. awww so cute about the lovies being lambs when kyle was little. super cute.
    how crazy they used to dye live chicks and then leave them in the backyard or give them away. crazy!

  6. I LOVE your Easter decor!! And the fact that you buy in 3 for the kids one day--that's a really good idea, actually. I've been sick so I didn't decorate like usual.

  7. Such cute Easter decorations. I especially like that mantel drape. I didn't get around to decorating for Easter this year.