Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Because mama wants me to!

I always want to make my mama happy . . . I don't think that will ever go away. She has been so good to me. I know, she's my mom and isn't that what mom's do? Well yes, but I swear my mom has given more of herself than most . . . she made sure I had the things I wanted, not just needed . . . never made me feel guilty for my choices (I mean the good ones, like moving away . . . she will give me the business for bad ones, as she should) . . . and is an amazing Granny to my children.
Back to making her happy . . . since she now has a new computer and WiFi (finally) at her house, she says she would like me to blog more often so she can keep up with our family. Y'all, she prints my blog posts. Prints them. She says so she will always have them . . . I guess like in case the Internet breaks. Isn't that the sweetest thing?

So I am going to try to give updates more than twice a year so my mom has something to print. Winky face.  

A new development in my life that makes updating my blog a bit more tricky (besides my general laziness) is the fact that I accidentally got myself a part-time job. I know, I'm as surprised as you are!

Our financial adviser called me one summer day as I was cleaning out my pantry and offered me a dream opportunity. He asked me if I would like to do personal finance for some of his clients. So I get to work from home, basically do the same thing I do for our family finances (pay their bills, enter their monthly expenses in QuickBooks, reconcile their accounts, etc.) AND get paid? Hold on, let me think about it. YES!!!!!

So I immediately went shopping for back to work clothes . . . so I could look good working from home.  You gotta dress the part, am I right?
Well, technically I get to go to client meetings on occasion so I felt justified in a few new things . . . as well as a new purse, wallet and shoes because duh, opportunity knocked.

The kids went back to school . . . on the last day of July.  For reals.  But we get some awesome week breaks throughout the year so I'm not complaining.  Now they were, but whatevs.  
I have two in high school and one in middle. Like whoa. That's all I have to say about that.

Let's see, what else has been going on lately?

We all watched the eclipse together as a family on August 21st. We were like 97% totality here in Atlanta. Loads of folks headed to the north Georgia mountains, but we didn't want to fight the crowds.  
Truth be told, I was a bit disappointed that it didn't get very dark for being so close to totality. Apparently those couple of percentage points make a big difference. I did let the kids skip school that day because it was a excused absence . . . and made them sit outside with me to watch "the show." Good ole family bonding time.  

My Kyle has completed his Eagle project. Phew. Although the paperwork is a whole project in and of itself, the physical labor is at least over.
He, and his amazing friends and fellow scouts, built a fenced in garden in the middle school courtyard. It turned out to be way more work than we thought, but totally worth it and looks amazing. So proud of Kyle. 

And I just love that those three boys pictured above have been friends since 2nd grade . . . and they are high school freshman now. They are also all playing lacrosse together. It makes my mama heart happy knowing Kyle has great friends who stick by him and help out when needed. Kudos boys!

Speaking of Eagle scouts, this fellow just celebrate his Eagle Scout Court of Honor recently. I don't do anything half way so I felt like I was back planning my wedding.  Ha!  
My brother and his wife flew into town to help us celebrate, and my mom drove in from Virginia as well. Not only was it awesome to have them for a visit, they worked hard to help me get this event prepped and set up!
Everything went great . . . so thankful for all the friends and fellow scouts who came out to support Ryan. And the clubhouse looked amazing and very patriotic!
Getzy prepared a slide show from Ryan's past 9 years of scouting . . . it was so sweet to see those old pictures of Ryan and his friends. I mean, look at this sweet face.
And a touching, albeit rather sad, story about this Eagle picture . . . I made my mama cry.
As I've mentioned before, my brother, who was just 21 months older than me, died in a car accident at age 19. He was an amazing artist and took art classes as a teenager. Mom framed several of his prints. She asked me if I wanted the eagle, and I took it in hopes of having an Eagle Scout one day so I could display it at their court of honor. Well, as you can see, that worked out. It made it feel like he was there celebrating with us.  

And one more brag on Ryan . . . that kid is fast. He's running high school cross country and getting it done this year. He just ran a 5k in 20 minutes flat. Rock on kid.
He takes after his daddy who was also a cross country rock star back in his day!  Oh, my heart is going pitter patter.
My little princess has decided to do horseback riding again! I actually love that she enjoys this and feel like being at the barn is a great learning experience for her. She is rotating horses so they can learn to work with several different personalities . . . here she is on the very handsome Tennessee Whiskey!
My niece came to visit us from out of town over Labor Day weekend and brought her very sweet doggie Chance. It was lovely to get the opportunity to just hang out, shop and enjoy a glass of wine together, now that she is of age.
I'm also super excited for her because she applied to her local college while she was here, hoping to start in January. She is such an amazing girl, her independence and strength of character makes me proud.  
Cheers to having amazing friends to do life with . . . I am blessed to surround myself with the incredible women. They make me laugh, support me when the crazy takes over and help make life better. And we do lots of fun stuff together, so there's that too!
And finally, my dogs.  Abby punked me recently by crying when I touched her belly so I rushed her off to the vet for blood work and X-rays for them to say nothing was wrong.  She's lucky she's so pretty.  Gah.
And this fool.  He is currently working with a Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) trained dog psychologist because he's legit nuts. He loves us big. Huge. But not anyone else. So frustrating. 

Well, that was a hot random mess. Hope you enjoyed the update mama! 

Let me close with saying that I'm lifting up all those affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma in prayer. (Yes poker ladies, I really said a prayer just as I typed this.) We have some very close friends and family who stayed put during Irma and are thankfully safe and sound, albeit without power right now. And it goes without saying that I had a heavy heart yesterday on the anniversary of 9/11 . . . of course we won't forget . . . life changed forever that day.


  1. So glad your brother's painting was there as part of everything. I love that story.

    Wait...he's really working with Cesar?

    Nice to see you back!

  2. Hey there!!! So nice to see you in blog land! I am glad your mommy is making you blog again *wink wink*. Goodness, look at the doggie, nuts looks good on him. Congrats to your son!!! That is awesome! Hes gotten so big since that picture, hasn't he? Darn kids grow way too fast. I am glad to hear that you are doing well. Congrats on the part time job! It sounds awesome for sure! You most certainly deserved new clothes to feel the part.

  3. Congrats to Ryan on his accomplishment. My 19 yoa son was very involved in Cross Country and Track in HS, and is now at the local university on a running scholarship. I didn't get to see the eclipse. I work nights so I was sleeping then. I wish your kids all their best during the school year. That's so sweet of your mom that she prints out your blog posts. I was best friends with my mom, but she passed away in April 2016.