Friday, September 22, 2017

Big Canoe Girl's Weekend!

Bet you thought I disappeared again, huh? Me too. Ha! Nope, I've just been getting it done over here this week. My to do list was obnoxious and stressing me out so I tackled the bulk of it over the past few days. Totally soothes my soul to make a list and mark stuff off of it. 

So yay me . . . I got to enjoy another girl's trip with my fabulous mama friends. It was short and sweet for me because I had to come back early, but it was just what I needed. We laughed until we cried, connected and comforted each other about mom stresses and drank LOTS of wine. Oh, and took way too many pictures, thanks to Shelly! 
We headed north and decided to stop in Elijay for lunch and antiquing! We enjoyed a delightful little meal at the Cantaberry Cafe and then strolled around town.
Who can resist a photo op?  Not us apparently!
The best part was accidentally finding a wine tasting . . . and the owner of Chateau Meichtry vineyard just happened to be there to say hi!
Our friend Deb likes to think she invented (and has perfected) the "group photo in a line" technique. Funny enough, it usually works . . . but it's our job to make fun of her every time.

So after strolling in and out of the shops killing time until we could check into our Big Canoe rental cabin, we headed out for what should have been a quick trip . . . emphasis on should.  Y'all, it's like we went stupid and couldn't find our way out of a bucket.  

Shelly and I finally make it to one of the Big Canoe entrances and are high-fiving ourselves for beating those other fools. We listened to the directions to the house from the security guard and off we go counting the stop signs. We are chatting on the phone with our friend Christy because she had already made it to the house after leaving work . . . back near Atlanta. We keep asking her if it sounds right and she can't remember . . . mostly because it turns out she had gone a different way than us. We roll up to the top of a steep hill only to discover we were literally at the top of the mountain and were clearly off course.  Luckily for us there was a cute fireman there who directed us back down the mountain to our house. Gah. What should have taken 30 minutes took about 2 hours. Dumb.
Our rental house was adorable, but it was at the bottom of a scary hill.  Like so scary nobody wanted to leave the house again . . . well that and because we had no clue how to get out of Big Canoe.  
But alas our growling stomachs required us to brave the hills and directions so we headed to a cute restaurant only about half a mile from our house in my swagger wagon!
I cannot remember the name of it but it was absolutely delicious . . . like we were all surprised at how tasty it turned out to be! And it had quite the lovely lakeside view . . . perfect for a group photo!
After stuffing ourselves silly, we headed back to the cabin . . . retracing our steps because it was dark now. And then I had to back my car down the driveway so I could have place to park on what felt like a mountain ledge. I was the DD so it was now time for a serious drink.
And luckily for us, our crafty friend Tina brought us all the most fabulous wine glasses with personalized wine charms attached. How thoughtful was that? Very. That's how thoughtful. 
Speaking of thoughtful, my friend Deb needed her toes painted and believe it or not, I volunteered to do it . . . everyone else was running in the other direction.  And I was the sober one . . . lol.
But not for too long because poker, drinks, tasty snacks and some 70's sing-a-long music will make life better! Clearly I have no shame. And neither do Deb and Tina . . . that's why I love them so!
Up and at it Friday morning . . . because this was wine tour day!!! Woot. Being the super responsible mamas that we are, we hired a driver for the day to cart us around to four different north Georgia vineyards. I know that's a super blurry van photo, but it was so twisty and turny that we couldn't get a steady picture.
First stop was Monteluce Vineyards . . . this place is huge and lovely. It looks like you're rolling up on an Italian villa when you first drive into the place . . . grapevines everywhere.
These folks were generous with their tasting pours . . . thank goodness for our lovely driver Anna. However, they were not very generous with their wine costs . . . Tina liked one that was $59 a bottle . . . uh, pass. But yay for fun photo opportunities!
Sorry Tina . . . it was the best photo of the bunch.  And of course we had to do the "line" photo . . . our genius way to make sure everyone is included in the selfie and not have to bug the other customers.
Next up was our lunch reservation at Wolf Mountain Vineyards . . . very delicious . . . and more amazing views.
We didn't get a chance to do a tasting here because we were on a time line, but we all enjoyed a little something with lunch. Cheers.
Now, off to Kaya Vineyards . . . and wow, this one was stunning with it's rolling hills.
We finally all agreed to stop for a photo op at the entrance sign because we never seemed to get it done on the way out.
Our cute little waitress was super sweet and fast on the pouring so we got back on schedule . . . well we used our time to take a ridiculous amount of photos.  
I've spared you from most of them . . . but holy gorgeous, right? And the backdrop isn't bad either. I crack myself up.
And you know it . . . we're making the line photo famous . . . or infamous.
Last stop of the day . . . The Cottage Vineyard . . . and the last sign photo.
At this point, we were all tired . . . I mean drinking and chatting and wine touring is exhausting. 
We ordered food on the way home and had the driver stop to let us pick it up so we didn't have to leave the house that night . . . genius idea.
After chilling out for a bit . . . we played our nightly poker and took one last group photo because Christy and I had to take off the next day. It was a comedy of fools trying to get that photo taken with a timer . . . and perhaps we should have done it earlier since we were all ready for bed at this point . . . can you tell?

So here's my advice to you . . . find a tribe.  Women need each other . . . husbands are amazing, but they are dudes.  Dudes just don't always get it. Lift other women up . . . be a light. And take a second to read through these . . . and make sure you are one of the women doing the lifting. 
And cheers to the freaking weekend . . . and fall break for us Georgia peaches! No school next week so it's off to the beach! Catch you on the flip side!


  1. Hahaha you guys are cracking me up getting loss trying to get to your place. The views from dinner look amazing and the winery sounds fun. It sounds like a great girls weekend!

  2. girls trips are always the best! looks like you guys had such a great time..i love the views.

  3. Super freaking fun. Love the winery pics. Cheers to good friends!