Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fall Break . . . Panama City Beach style

Fall break is so dreamy. It's my favorite break of the whole school year. Or maybe I'm just saying that because it was the most recent break, and perhaps I'll feel the same about Winter break too? Either way, I love it.
The above photo just about sums up the week . . . it was a dude fest.  The teen boys took over our vacation this year, and I wasn't mad about it.
Thanks goodness Amanda and her sweet friend Zoe brought some girl vibes to the scene. They were awesome, as usual . . . very self-sufficient and easy going. I would take these two anywhere!
And of course, thank goodness for my friends too! We had a blast. Michelle and I taught Natalia the fine art of sitting on the beach ALL. DAY. LONG. And hitting the cocktails first thing in the morning. She was an excellent learner!
There were too many hysterical moments of the week . . . not any good photos to document them, but I'll just leave these here with minimal explanation. There was an insane lady who thought terrible things were falling on her balcony, but that was false. There was a beach tackling incident that was both shocking and hilarious. There is always a Speedo when Juan is involved. And when fools take goofy selfies, they sometimes show up on the Internets. Suckas. And for the last time, who the hell is Bob? I mean, seriously, "what the wwhhaaattt?"

We go to the beach to well, . . . go to the beach. We don't run around site seeing and barely make it off the beach to shower and head to dinner every night. We all just seemed to entertain ourselves doing beach things like . . .

Looking for hermit crabs and sand dollars . . .
Digging unexplained holes to bury one's self in . . .
Spending hours creating a WATER pong sand table . . .
Rubbing red Popsicle on your chest to make your mother think you got sunburned and then watching her flip out and then being annoyed she wants a picture because it was so funny . . .
Playing on a cellular device . . . possibly working, possibly gaming, possibly changing the music . . .
Paddle boarding together . . . which they thought was super fun, btw. . . {Thank you to our friends that brought it to the beach every day and were willing to share!}
Swear on the bible my kid and her friend are wearing bikini tops . . .
the backs had white straps. LOL!
Entertaining the masses . . . with weird finger moves?
Looking like a beach babe, all day every day . . .
Floating way too far out and freaking your mom out who thinks you fell asleep . . .
Struggling to simply sit in a chair . . . ever heard the expression "fold up like a lawn chair?" Well here you go . . .
Wondering where the heck your partner in crime is and why is she taking so long . . . so you pretend Myrtle the Turtle is her . . .
So yeah, that's what we did. For 7 whole days. It was glorious.

Speaking of glorious, check out these sunsets. I am way more likely to see a sunset than a sunrise . . . so here you go!
I will spare you the details about how our original condo flooded, and the rental company called me about an hour before arriving in PCB to tell me how lucky was I was to get an upgrade . . . at another resort. Keep in mind my friends and my sons were at the resort where I rented. So after promptly telling them that wouldn't work, we spent the first night at a different resort and then moved to a completely different condo that wasn't as conveniently located to our friends, but at least was in the same complex. So all is well that ends well is how I'm looking at that debacle. And yes, I promise there were more details, but I said I'd spare you. Ha!

So the most random vacation post ever . . . I feel like I should apologize for it but . . . nah. Enjoy.


  1. Whew, glad it all worked out you beach babe you! The smiles say it all and oh how I love me some beach sitting....the BEST!

  2. It sounds like you guys had so much fun!!! Look at all these teen boys. I am sure that was a trip that will be talked about for years to come. I had to do a double take with the girls paddling I was like ummm are they wearing tops? Surely so. LOL. When we go to the beach, we like to just be at the beach as well. We rarely venture outside our condo's property line!

  3. wow! i would love a beach right now! such great pics and looks like everyone had such an amazing time.

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