Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day . . . with a side of extra

One of my goals in life is to have my children grow up and realize their mom was a freak . . . about holidays. I just love decorating the house with little touches of the season. I think it makes it feel more cozy and inviting.
How about this for a warm welcome when you come into my house? Probably should have turned the lamp on for added effect but let's face it, I'm not a home blogger or a photographer.
Can I just tell you that finding Valentine's decorations is not that easy. I was on a mission to find cute stuff and went to all the typical haunts but was underwhelmed. I do love a banner for the mantle these days since I don't have much room for tchotchkes.
My favorite place to add things is on the shelves in the family room . . . so many little spots to fill with cute stuff.
And the other side . . . would you just look at my sweet Abby in that picture . . . I miss her so.
And a few more random things . . . I can't put candy in this candy dish because Zeus would get a belly ache from eating it all.
I got this little vase at the Dollar Store . . . what a score (said no one ever except me)!
But the piece de resistance to my Valentine's Day decor is this adorable pillow. I mean I just thought it was the cutest with the conversation hearts. But wait . . . when I went to take the tags off it, I realized I had missed something amazing!
Shut up! The other side lights up. Can you even stand it? I mean that is just the tackiest most fabulous thing ever. EVER. 
Here's the candy corner that has been on my counter for a few weeks . . . and I'm proud to say I've only had one peppermint patty the entire time. I'm trying to cook healthy and buy organic, but kids love a treat. My kids have left most of it alone except for a nibble here and there. My hope is that they don't become indulgent adults because they were denied yummy things when they were growing up . . . so far, so good.
And speaking of indulging kids, Zeus and I made an early morning Chick-Fil-A run before the kids got up to surprise them with 30 count nugget trays. The boys tackled one before school and Amanda wants to take hers to share with friends at school . . . I thought that was sweet. In fact, she's the one that told me about the heart shaped nugget trays. Pretty genius of CFA if you ask me.
So there you have it . . . I wish you all the hearts and flowers and warm and fuzzies today . . . hug someone you love.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Who is this fancy little lady? And other weekend topics . . .

Well she's my sweet little girl . . . how is it even possible that my BABY is wearing makeup and heels?
For all you mamas of young ones out there, take heed . . . you're going to long for the days when they were little and always underfoot. Now really all I see is the back of her cute little head as she's off to hang out with her friends. Kind of like this . . . 
So Friday was the Snow Ball for the middle school. Usually they call it the Winter Ball, but with a Stranger Things theme, Snow Ball it was. And no, I didn't get it either until I asked the kids.
Amanda and I had fun getting a manicure and pedicure on Thursday . . . the ladies at the salon are just so sweet to her. And she loves to wear her brother's high school cross country sweatshirt . . . kinda cracks me up.
On Friday, I picked her up early from school so she could come home and get her makeup done before heading to her hair appointment. She went to see my friend Renee who has done my hair for like 15 years . . . I love her long time. And wow, Renee did an amazing job. Amanda has a LOT of hair. 
She keep trying to feel her curls, and we kept telling her to stop touching them or they would fall out sooner. Guess you had to be there, but it was pretty funny. And a couple more pictures because can you really ever have too many of your kids? Nah.
I also have to give all the praise hands for Amanda's group of middle school friends. So far, and knock on wood, they are so fun and supportive and just love each others company. 
There's a group of five that call themselves the "Gringos" and they love to be together. Would you just look at them? I adore each and every one of them . . . they are just the sweetest and most amazing group of girls. And most of the time they crack me up.
There are definitely some other fabulous girls that they spend time with . . . aren't they just so pretty all fancy for the dance?

I feel super blessed that I got to be the mom to drive them to the dance and pick them up. It's fun to be a "fly in the driver's seat" and listen to them tell their stories. And it's also fun to be nosey and sneak into the dance to see the decorations, food options and all the kids dressed in their finery.

The Gringos love them a late night Target run . . . which is made even better in fancy clothes. They thought they were pretty hysterical . . . or maybe that was me. This was right before a $51 Taco Bell run for them and my boys. Eye roll.
Not only do these cute little ladies love Target, they are super basic and think Starbucks is like the mother land. We try to get their once a week before school because it's super cool to walk into homeroom with a Starbucks cup. Obviously.
In other weekend news, we celebrated my Kyle turning 15 recently. He's such an easy going kid . . . sometime too easy going. Sure, I'll force a smile for you mom. I'm thrilled on the inside. Promise.
Since he didn't ask for anything for his birthday, I had to get creative. "Alexa, can you set 42 alarms to wake Kyle up for school?" Perhaps a self-serving gift . . . sorry, not sorry.
Of course he got the chance to blow out some candles . . . and hear us slay the birthday song! Since we had Steak & Shake for dinner (his choice), no one ate any cake.  Good thing I got a small one.
On Sunday, my Cadette Girl Scouts took a field trip to the local Merle Norman store. Y'all, the owner and the sweet lady who helped me set up the meeting were amazing. Like just over the top fabulous with the girls. 
They talked about skin care, let the girls do their makeup, gave them tips and tricks for applying make up, had cookies and bottled water for them and sent them away with the cutest makeup bag filled with goodies.
They took almost two hours to work with the girls and not a single girl seemed to get bored. I remember my mother taking me for a make over and color consult to a Merle Norman when I was about their age so it was a very nostalgic experience. 
Finally on Sunday night, we did a semi-fancy Valentine's dinner . . . of breakfast foods. Life gets so busy during the week that I thought it would be easier and more relaxed to have our little celebration on Sunday evening. Geez, that picture is terrible, but it's the only one I have.

Well, there you have it . . . another weekend in the books. One more week before Winter Break . . . we are on the countdown!