Thursday, August 2, 2018

What's New with You Link-Up

Hey! Hi! Hello! Where have you been? Oh wait . . . 

Life is good over here in our little corner of the world. I skipped out on the blog again for no good reason. I'd promise to do better, but we all know how that goes. Winky face! Anyway . . . my most dedicated fan deserves a shout out . . . Hi Mom! Miss you! I know she will be surprised to see this so that makes it worth it!
Let's start small with the most recent life event . . . the kids went back to school this week! How can it be that the summer has already come and gone? How is it that this baffles me every year? How ironic is it that we say summer is "over" and the temps are still in the 90's? So many deep questions over here . . . ha! 

It both breaks my mama heart to see them go and makes my "OCD need for a schedule" heart sing. Things are way too loosey goosey around here so it's time to settle back in to a routine.

I feel like it's worth noting that it was raining pretty hard on the first morning of school and none of us could ever remember that happening in the past. Did that change my need to take an outdoor picture? Nope!
So this picture made me realize that Kyle grew like a weed over the summer and is basically now 6 feet tall like his brother. I'm not too sure Ryan likes that he has caught up . . . LOL!

Ryan is starting his Junior year, and Kyle is starting his Sophomore year! Ryan is the morning driver again, which I must say is fabulous. He is running cross country after school this fall so I will pick Kyle up until fall lacrosse starts. It's kind of lovely to have one on one time with a kid in the car so I'll take it!
Miss Amanda will be in 8th grade this year, and she is super happy about her schedule . . . both her teachers and friend ratio per class. I'm just glad that each kid has a friend to sit with during lunch . . . that's the scariest part if you ask me!

The first day of school for me equals brunch and mimosas at my friend Shelly's house. Since it was a rainy day, I had to use a color filter for this picture because otherwise it just looked orange . . . just know we are cute either way. And I adore these mamas . . . they are the best. I wish I had more photos from the day, but this was it. 
Shelly has been graciously hosting this event for years, and every year I bring the same dish to share . . . breakfast cheesecake. Yes, it's as delicious as it sounds. I also notice that the homemade items all get eaten long before any store bought treats. So the lesson here is to take the time to make a dish to share with friends . . . it's so much more special . . . and tasty.

I'm happy to report that all the kids had a great first day. They were exhausted for sure, but I feel like we are going to have a fabulous year. I pray that every student has an amazingly safe, fun and productive school year too. 

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