Bucket List

So I wrote a detailed post about this bucket list if you want to check it out HERE!  Stay tuned . . . I'm going to try and accomplish all of these!

1. Touch down in all 50 states 

2. Run a half marathon

3. Pay off our mortgage

4. Take a cruise to Alaska 

5. Learn to play the piano

6. Take my kids to meet all of my Dad's brothers

7. Swim with the dolphins

8. Show Amanda New York City and buy something from Tiffany's in the little blue box

9. Foster a pregnant rescue dog and help get her and her puppies adopted to loving homes  

10. Complete renovations and decor changes on my home

11. Ride in a hot air balloon

12. Visit Disney World as a family again

13. Volunteer at a Hospice Center

14. Attend a pro football gamed

15. Learn to French braid

16. Teach my kids to drive a stick shift

17. Get a fancy new camera and actually learn how to use it

18. Visit London and Paris with the kids 

19. Read the bible all the way through

20. Take my Mom to Nashville  DONE!  April 2016

21. Create Boy Scout scrapbooks for Ryan and Kyle and a Girl Scout one for Amanda

22.  See the Grand Canyon

23. Hike some portion of the Appalachian Trail

24. Allow the kids to raise a brand new puppy  DONE!  Meet Zeus . . . July 9, 2016

25. Take the kids on a trip via train

26. Get my concealed weapon's permit, my own firearm and confidence to shoot it

27. Take horseback riding lessons

28. Visit Vegas 

29. Own a pair of Louboutin's

30. Take Ryan and Kyle on a special trip with Mom 

31. Cook a turkey

32. Complete a "financial course" with each child

33. Make sure Getzy gets to Hawaii by his 50th birthday

34. Volunteer as a family at a soup kitchen or some other place that will leave an impression on our children

35. Fly in a helicopter.

36. Go to the top of the Space Needle

37. Hit my goal weight and maintain it

38. Get a tummy tuck

39. Visit Disney Land in California with the kids

40. Go zip lining

41. Attend an SEC college football game

42. Be a Red Cross Volunteer at a national disaster

43. Sew random themed pillowcases for my kids

44. Visit the Sundial restaurant and Ferris Wheel in Atlanta  DONE!  July 4th weekend 2016

45. Go visit my old neighbors who moved away

46. See a Cirque du Soleil show  

47. Organize all the kids' memorabilia

48. Take the kids on a winter vacation

49. Go skydiving

50. See all three of my kids graduate high school and enter college

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